Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT Review

Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT Review

We all know that aromas and fragrances can influence our moods. Keeping this in mind, United Colors of Benetton has introduced a new range of three fragrances, each of which carry a positive message for the wearer; Love Yourself, a fruity-rose fragrance, Live Free, a green tea based fragrance and Stay Positive, a floral-citrusy fragrance. On my last visit to the Benetton store, I bought Live Free (for mom-in-law) and Stay Positive. Here’s the review of Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT.

Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT Review

“Stay Positive – No Dreams, No Change.

Fight hate, end discriminations. Release yourself from fear and take a stand. You can make a difference because everyone has the power to change things for the better. It is time to dream of a  better world with optimism and positive energy; make it happen. 

The first step is to Stay Positive!

Be inspired by your ability to dream. Because whatever we have now was once a dream. United Dreams.”

Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT Review

I loved the idea of an inspiring, positive message as much as I loved the uplifting fragrance. The bottle too is very pretty in it’s simplistic design and hexagonal cap with the UCB logo embossed on it. The base of the cap has a coloured ribbon on it; Orange for Stay Positive, pink for Love Yourself and green for Live Free.

Benetton United Dreams EDT review

Benetton United Dreams EDT Review

For some reason, the first whiff of this fragrance reminded me of an Indian wedding on a cool winter day; you know, the fragrance of yellow and orange marigolds mingling with the freshly watered leaves blending with the jasmines and tuberoses and the cool breeze carrying the aroma ….well, that’s how it smelt to me. As I have mentioned before in my fragrance reviews, perfumes are a very personal matter and each person interprets a fragrance differently.

However, there are no marigolds in this EDT, neither are there any jasmines and tuberoses. Here’s the composition of the Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive:

Top Notes – Bergamot and Citrus Leaves.

Heart Notes – Neroli and Orange Blossom.

Base Notes – Cedar, Musk and Sandalwood. 

Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT

Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT is truly a “happy” fragrance; it makes you feel nice as soon as you spray it on. This is one fragrance that I would wear all year through because there is a citrusy freshness to it that makes it perfect for summer and at the same time, there is a gentle, musky warmth that works really well for winters.

The sillage of StayPositive is moderate; it radiates within an arm’s length so you won’t have your fragrance announcng your arrival to the entire room. The longevity is a bit disappointing. It disappears after about 3 hours and I need to reapply it. But then, that is to be expected from an EDT which of course won’t have the longevity of an EDP.

Priced at ₹1,900 for 80ml, the Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive EDT is a good daily wear fragrance. Though it needs reapplication after aroud 3-4 hours, the fragrance is so nice, that I don’t mind the average longevity.

Have you tried any fragrances from the United Dreams range? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Never tried their perfumes, this sounds good!

  2. wow…a fragrance worth checking out…the moment u said , it reminds of indian weddings…i have fallen for this….I like that fresh flower scent that reminds me of wedding :)…great clicks…happy to see you back blogging!!!

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