HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette Review

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review

MyGlamm, the home salon service from Sanghvi brands (read about my experience with them here), recently launched another bespoke service that is exclusively available through them; the “High Definition Brows” in collaboration with the UK based beauty group High Definition Group. Also known as HD Brows, this treatment  is designed to help you attain natural, full-looking brows that you’ve always dreamt of.

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review

As you all probably know by now, I don’t touch my brows – have never got them threaded, waxed or shaped in any way – because I am uite happy with the natural shape that I have got. However, when I was invited for the launch of HD Brows, I did get curious as to how I could enhance my brows better without plucking out even a single hair and I asked the founder of the HD Group, Nilam Patel, for some tips. That’s when she recommended the HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review

About HD Brows Eye And Brow Palette

“Everyone’s favourite brow palette, this product includes everything you need to create and maintain perfectly defined brows and eyes! Each Eye&Brow Palette includes a highlighting shade, two intensifying brow shades, carbon-black definer, wax and a versatile applicator while the wide screen mirror allows you to see both brows at the same time to ensure they are perfectly matching.

The long-lasting, silicon-rich brow powders are enhanced with antioxidants Vitamins C and E and are silky-smooth to the touch, easy to apply and blend resulting in a truly professional finish.

NEW! Exclusive finishing wax is now included within every palette, this improved feature allows enables you to set your brow colour for a more defined appearance or mix with the powders to produce a creamy eye shadow.

Available in 3 shades; Bombshell, Foxy and Vamp. “

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review

The HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette comes in a sleek black case that snaps shut. Inside are four shades of powder shadows and one brow wax. There is a pale peach shade that is a great highlighter as well as three shades that can be mixed or used individually to create your own custom shade for the brows. The wax helps shape the brows and keep the hair in place. All the four powders are matte (obviously – who’d want shimmery or glittery brows?) and work well as eyeshadows too and you can do a great smoky eye as well as have glam brows with this one single palette.

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review
The highlighter and the medium brown shade.


HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review
The dark brown and black shades and the brow wax.

Besides the brow powders and the brow wax, the HD Brows Eye and Brow palette also comes with a double ended brush, with a fluffy brush on one end and a stiff angled brush on the other. The fluffy brush is great for applying the powder shadows and the angled brush is perfect for shaping the brows and filling in the wax. For a subtle effect, you can use just the powder or mix with the wax for a deeper, more glam look. The powder mixed with the gel also makes a fantastic, long lasting gel liner! So this is truly an all-in-one eye palette!

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette review

The palette has a wide mirror so that you can see both the eyes at the same time and make sure that both brows / eyes are uniformly and evenly done. The powders in this palette are very pigmented and soft as well as long lasting. The brush too is of a very good quality unlike most applicators that you get in palettes. Overall, a wonderful palette that I find myself reaching out for each time I do my makeup – and I am the person who never touched her brows at all! This is how my brows look after I used the black powder with a wee bit of wax….

HD Brows

To try out the HD Brows and get glam brows that define your face and enhance all your features, get in touch with MyGlamm. And if you have tried out this service, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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