Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT Review

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet review

All those who know me are aware that I am a total pleuviophile – I simply love the rains and the incredibly romantic, sensuous atmosphere that accompanies the cool breeze, grey skies and pattering rains. This wonderful weather needs an equally sensuous, fragrance and my current favourite is the Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT. This fragrance is exotic, warm, musky and one that I have been wearing pretty much all the time since a month. Read more to know more about this delightful fragrance…..

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet review

About Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT

Price : ₹3,010 for 65ml. Buy here.

“Inspired by one of the world’s most magnificent gems; the Indian Mandarin Garnet. Omnia Indian Garnet captures the magic and sensuality of tuberose and osmanthus flowers.  Bewitched by its fiery orange radiance, the jeweler interprets this gemstone into an olfactory tribute to shimmering colors and sensual flowers. Created for the ultrafeminine woman who is sure of her charms, the exotic fragrance is at once desirable, seductive, mysterious, and elusive.

Olfactory family : Floral – Woody

Top Notes: Mandarin – Saffron

Heart Notes: Indian Tuberose – Osmanthus

Base Notes: Indian Woods – Amber”

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet review

Just like the other Omnia fragrances, the Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet comes in the beautiful, elegant and curvy bottle in the shape of interlocking rings. The lower ring of the bottle is made of glass while the upper one is made of plastic. The orange and silver bottle looks gorgeous and luxe.

True to it’s claims, the Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet is indeed a seductive, alluring fragrance. However, fragrances are a very subjective thing and what one person loves, another might detest. I have always loved warm, spicy fragrances such as Armani Code, Bvlgari Notte, Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence and of course, my all time favourite, though now discontinued, Ralph Lauren Glamorous. (You can check out all my fragrance reviews here). Even the fragrance I wear during the day will have some woody/musky accords.

Though the top notes for Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet are citrusy, there’s no fruity touch to the fragrance. It is a rich, woody-floral fragrance that spells glamour. And yet, it isn’t overpowering – yes, it will make it’s presence felt when you enter an enclosed space such as an elevator or a car but it won’t scream and call for attention in a room full of people. Someone standing opposite you would be able to get a faint, teasing, alluring whiff.

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDP review

Describing fragrances is such a difficult task because it is so individualistic. And the Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet is a very unique fragrance indeed – it is warm, it is spicy, it has a faint touch of sweetness – not sugary sweetness but the kind of sweetness that you’d get from a citrus fruit – and yet it has an earthiness to it that makes it incredibly sexy. Think of the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun just after the rains with the breeze carrying the scent of exotic blooms in the air. Well, that’s the kind of image I get when I smell this fragrance. Perhaps it’s just me but each fragrance that I wear makes me “visualise” it in a geographical setting.

My only gripe with Omnia Indian Garnet is it’s lasting power. Since it is a EDT, it doesn’t last for more than 4-5 hours on me. Though I can still smell it on my clothes the next day when I’m sorting out the laundry. So, perhaps it is just olfactory saturation….

I guess it’s quite obvious that I love this fragrance. I have been wearing it all the time, during the day as well as evening (and especially on date nights because it is so sexy) since over a month. If, like me your choice in fragrances leans more towards glam, sensuous ones, then I highly recommend the Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet. 

Have you tried any of the Bvlgari Omnia fragrances? Which one is your favourite? And do fragrances create images in your mind as well, like they do for me? Do let me know in the comments below.

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