Healthy, Yummy “Junk” Food From TERRA Chips

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

You might be wondering why I am writin about junk food on what is essentially a beauty blog. But we forget the maxim “You are what you eat”. While we are careful about not eating too much junk food (because it affects our skin and hair), we can’t always deny them to our kids. As a mother, I try and ensure that my kids eat as healthy as possible but there are times when you simply give in to their demands and hand over the packet of chips. But now, there is a healthier alternative very different from the monotonous potato chips – real vegetable chips that are made from a diverse range of exotic root vegetables. I am talking about the yummy yet healthy TERRA Chips that are now available in India.

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

About Terra Chips

Price ₹395. Available here.

“Every bag of our real vegetable chips is a feast for your eyes and a delight for your taste buds, offering a sophisticated snacking experience unlike any other. The bountiful colours may intrigue you, the unique crunch may surprise you. And the taste? The taste will keep you coming back for more. You want a chip that tastes as good as it looks. So sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey with Terra Chips.”

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

The market is flooded with chips of all sorts, so what’s different about TERRA Chips, you might ask. Well, for starters, these aren’t your standard potato chips. Terra Chips are made from a diverse range of real, whole root vegetables and healthy ingredients such as sea salt, herbs, and seed oils. No artificial colours or flavours are used so what you get is wholesome, naturally flavourful chips with different textures. And more importantly, they are Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Some of the vegetables used to make the Terra Chips are:

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

  • Batata – Also known as Cuban Sweet Potato, this is light brown in colour.
  • Parsnip – A member of the same family as carrots, parsley, fennel etc.
  • Sweet Potato – Often called a yam but is actually a part of the Cuban Sweet Potato Family.
  • Taro – Also known as Malanga and Dasheen. Is white with purplish-brown lines.
  • Yuca – Also known as Cassava. These are the lightest in colour of all TERRA Chips..
  • Naturally Blue Potato – Vibrant bluish-purple with a slight nutty flavour.

You can check out the complete list of vegetables on the website here.

I tried out three of the variants of the Terra Chips – Original, Mediterranean and Blues – and I have to say, I loved them all!

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

While clicking pictures, I just couldn’t stop myself from popping a chip in my mouth and telling myself “OK, this is the last one. No more.” and then, a few seconds later, putting another one in my mouth. And while I was still taking the pictures, the boys came back from school. And the rest is history.

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

Boys returning from school, hungry and tired. They see packets of chips on the dining table. And what’s more, momma’s eating them too! They grabbed the packets of chips, went into their room, locked the door (so that I wouldn’t take the packs), changed their clothes and sat down to a meal of Terra Chips! And I was stuck with just the pictures I had and couldn’t take any more.

Here’s some more information on each of these variants:

TERRA Original

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

These are made from a seasonal mix of root vegetables, a seed oil (either canola or safflower or sunflower) and salt. Since this is a mix of vegetables, you get a delightful mix of textures with some chips being really thin and almost brittle to some slightly thicker and cruchier. The taste of each chip is also unique and different according to the vegetable that it is made of and eating these is a real sensorial experience.

TERRA Mediterranean

Terra Chips real vegetable chips

Made from the same mix of vegetables as the TERRA Original, these are my favourite of them all in terms of flavour. Seasoned with herbs, they tasted absolutely delicious. Of course, each chip tasted different from the other being made from different vegetables and had differing textures as well.


Terra Chips real vegetable chips

Blue and purple chips that are slightly thicker than those in the other two variants, these are amazingly crunchy. While I loved the flavour of the Mediterranean ones, Blues is the one whose texture I loved the most.

With lifestyle diseases on the rise along with the consumption of unhealthy food, especially while snacking, the need of the times is for healthier alternatives that taste equally appetising. With the mix of healthy root vegetables and with no artificial flavour, colour, preservatives, TERRA Chips gives the perfect healthy snacking option for kids who love the colours, textures and flavours of the chips. Not only that, they also make a great gourmet snack to accompany your afternoon high tea, evening cappuccino or to go with a pre-dinner aperitifs. With Christmas round the corner, these make a delightful gift for children who will be thrilled to be given “junk” food as well as for the connoisseur who loves fine food and drink.

You can get more information on TERRA Chips below:


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