Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette in Glow – Review and Swatches

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow

A couple of days ago, I put up a picture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter showing off my “glow” and many of you wanted to know which products I had used to get that kind of glow. Before I tell you that, here’s the picture I had posted…

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow

The secret to this glow is the newly launched Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette in Glow (aptly named, don’t you think?). Faces has impressed me with their Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons as well as the Ultime Pro Creme Lip Crayons and now we have this Face palette too!

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow

About the Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette

Price ₹899

“Get perfectly sculpted contours as Faces Canada now launches the Ultime Pro Face Palette. Adding life to your face, this amazing 3-in-1 face palette is the secret to a flawlessly defined face and a lit-from-within glow.

Whether you’re looking for a blush or contour or highlight, or something that has all these three together in a handy little kit, The Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette is just the thing for you. With the bronzer, illuminator and blush, all in one travel-friendly pack you are good to go. The light, shimmering colour of the Blush gives your cheeks a natural looking glow  It’s silky smooth, lightweight texture blends perfectly on your skin and lasts all day long. The Bronzer is the perfect blend of iridescent micronised pigments that give you a radiant tan and a healthy looking complexion. The Illuminator adds radiance and homogeneity to the skin. With two shades to choose from – “Fresh” and “Glow” – the Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette compliments all skin tones and flatters your skin like never before.” 

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow

The Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette comes in a compact little palette that isn’t bulky and that would fit in a slim clutch as well. It comes in a black palette with a transparent lid housed in a black outer carton. However, as compared to the quality of the product inside, the plastic packaging feels a bit flimsy and I wish they had kept the lid black with a mirror inside – not only would that look better, the mirror would also be helpful for on-the-go touch-ups.

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow

Texture, Pigmentation and Swatches

All the three powders in this palette are very finely milled and have an almost creamy texture to them. They are very smooth and don’t look or feel chalky at all. They all have very fine micro-shimmer that isn’t chunky or glittery but just helps to add that sheen or glow to your face.

In terms of pigmentation, it is surprisingly inversely proportionate to the colour – the darker the colour, the lower the pigmentation! So the bronzer has the least pigmentation and the highlighter / illuminator is the most pigmented.

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow
From left to right – bronzer, blush and illuminator.

While swatching the shades, I started with the bronzer. What you see in the swatch is three swipes of the product and yet it barely shows up on my skin. Strangely though, on the face it looks quite nice and adds a bit of bronze sheen. If you are deeper than NC42, then this won’t show up on your skin at all.

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow
The Bronzer in the Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette – Glow

The gorgeous coral-peach blush comes next in order of pigmentation. It is a beautiful shade, perfect for summers and one that looks great on our Indian complexions. I am wearing just a very tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks in the above picture to give a flush of colour. It has very finely-milled gold micro-shimmer that doesn’t look glittery but just adds a  glamourous sheen.

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow
The Blush in Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette – Glow

Finally, coming to the one with the maximum pigmentation, the Illuminator. The swatch above is just a single swipe of the product – it is that insanely pigmented! The Illuminator is a beautiful shade of peachy-champagne gold that gives a gorgeous, radiant glow to the face. When worn lightly, of course. You have to have a very light hand with this one since it is so pigmented.

Again, because the shimmer is so fine, this highlighter doesn’t emphasise pores or look very frosty. In fact, from the pictures that I have seen of the Becca Champagne Pop, the Illuminator in this palette seems to be a dupe! I could be wrong of course, since I haven’t personally seen Champagne Pop but that’s what I feel from what I could see in the pictures.

Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette Glow
The Illuminator in the Faces Ultime Pro Face Palette – Glow

The Illuminator isn’t as white as it appears to be in this picture but is a bit more peachy. Because of the light reflecting off it, it was very difficult for me to capture the right shade.

My Views

Priced at ₹899, you get 12g of product (4g each) which makes it a really good value-for-money palette. What the bronzer lacks in pigmentation, the illuminator more than compensates for and I absolutely LOVE the amazing glow it gives me. The peach blush is also a lovely shade and is perfect not just for summers but also for brides due to it’s fine shimmer. I also think that this could be a dupe for Becca Champagne Pop (but I could be wrong). Nevertheless, this is one palette worth buying just for the highlighter and I highly recommend it.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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