Skydiving Over Queenstown, New Zealand

Skydiving with NZone Queenstown

I’m suffering from a major holiday hangover which is very understandable considering that I have returned from beautiful New Zealand. Each and every city and town that we visited were so incredibly beautiful that it was like paradise. 

On my itinerary, I had kept Queenstown as the last destination since it is called the Adventure Sports Capital. We really wanted to do all the high-octane stuff like the jet boat, helicopter ride and of course, sky diving, which is why I wanted it to be right at the end of the trip. This is what I usually do when I plan my holidays – I keep most of the exciting, adrenalin-rush inducing stuff towards the end so that the holiday ends on a high note. And skydiving in Queenstown did make my holiday end on a high note – pun intended.

Skydiving with NZone Queenstown

People had advised me to book all my adventure activities from here itself so that it would be hassle-free once I reached there. However, I wanted some flexibility since we had kids along ( in case they wanted to do something else) and because the weather could be unpredictable too. And besides, while I know that all the reviews are available in an instant, I wanted recommendations from New Zealanders themselves.

Skydiving with NZone Queenstown

The friendly and helpful folks at the apartments where we stayed in Queenstown recommended NZone for skydiving. I had, of course, read loads of good reviews about them but it was assuring to hear such positive feedback. We then went to the Discover Queenstown office to get more information on para-gliding for the kids and when I asked them about skydiving, they too said I should go with NZone since they have several time options, are very professional yet friendly and have over 25 years of experience. So NZone it was. Check out the full video of my incredible sky dive experience:

I was so, so excited about jumping out of a plane at a height of 12,000 feet because this is something that I had wanted to do since long. Since I was doing an early morning jump I had set alarms to get up on time. And funnily, the excitement didn’t let me sleep all night! I kept checking the time on my phone every half hour or so since I didn’t want to over sleep my alarms – that is how excited I was!

Skydiving with NZone Queenstown

The NZone Drop Zone – where the flight takes off from and where you land – is at a distance from Queenstown. All the divers are taken to the Drop Zone in their bus and it is wonderful to see everyone’s expressions – some nervous, some excited and others thinking what they have got themselves into. The Drop Zone has a  little cafe and outdoor chess and Jenga for friends and family of the sky divers. (You can see the picture of my boys playing chess on my Instagram here.) One can also look into the gigantic hangar and see all the parachutes being packed up again for next use.

The entire experience was absolutely wonderful and I would love to go skydiving again. And again. And again.

PS – This is NOT a sponsored post in any way. I have paid for the entire skydive experience and images and video and simply wanted to share my experience with you in case anyone might be thinking of going skydiving in New Zealand. 

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