Himalaya Anti Hairfall Range First Impressions

Himalaya anti hairfall range review

Hairfall is one of my biggest hair concerns and I am willing to try out everything that will help me reduce my hairfall. One of the advantages of being a beauty blogger is that you get to try out various products (that can backfire too at times though) so when Himalaya sent me their recently launched an anti-hairfall range, I was really keen to give it a go. The Himalaya Anti Hairfall range consists of four products – hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream – that are enriched with herbs such as Bhringaraja and Amalaki, among others, and here are  my first impressions on them.

Himalaya anti hairfall range

About the Himalaya Anti Hairfall Range

“Experiencing hair fall? With the city’s pollution, and tons of hair experimenting and styling, we bet you feel the need for a complete care solution #4FabulousHair. Worry not, we at Himalaya hear you and our Anti-Hair Fall range is here to rescue you from hair fall problems.”


Himalaya anti hairfall range review

The four products of the Himalaya Anti Hairfall range compliment each other and help add nourishment to the hair which helps reduce excessive hair fall. Of course, there are several factors that contribute to hair fall and while this range doesn’t address those nor claims to stop hair fall, it helps in controlling excessive hair fall due to breakage.

The first step in the four step anti hairfall ritual is, of course, an oil massage. The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil is enriched with the goodness of Bhringaraja andAmalaki. This helps strengthen the root shafts and prevent hair fall. I love to give myself a hair massage and, with a good book in one hand, I can massage my scalp with one hand for hours! This is one of my favourite ways of relaxing at night.

Himalaya anti hairfall range review

After massaging the scalp with the oil, it is recommended to wrap a hot towel around the head so that the steam helps the oil penetrate better into the scalp to give nourishment to the roots. You can leave the towel on for 30 minutes and then wash it. I, however, prefer to let the oil soak in overnight and then wash it the next morning.

 The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo includes an Ayurvedic composition of Bhringaraja and Butea Frondosa (Palash) that helps reduce hair fall due to breakage, and conditions and improves hair texture. The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner is formulated with Butea Frondosa, Bhringaraja and Chickpea that nourishes hair and helps prevent excess hair fall, leaving your hair soft,silky and smooth.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo includes an ayurvedic composition of Bhringaraja and Butea Frondosa that helps reduce hair fall due to breakage, and conditions and improves hair texture. 

I didn’t much like the fragrance of the shampoo though. It smells like a men’s deodorant and that isn’t how I like my shampoos to smell. Thankfully the fragrance doesn’t linger long. I have to shampoo twice to get all the oil out of my hair. After rinsing off the shampoo, it is time for the conditioner which has a similar fragrance, though a bit milder. I prefer to leave on my conditioner slightly longer than the recommended 2 minutes and I make sure not to apply it near the roots.

The final step in the Himalaya Anti Hairfall ritual is the herb-based Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream. This is a daily-use formula including Bhringaraja and Amalaki for reducing hair fall and strengthening hair follicles. Similar to a leave-in conditioner, I apply a very small amount of this cream on the lengths of my hair after I towel-dry it and then let my hair air-dry.

Himalaya anti hairfall range review

As with all the products in this range, the Anti Hairfall cream too is safe for coloured or chemically treated hair. While I prefer to let my hair air dry and get natural waves, you could also blow-dry your hair to the desired style. This is how my hair looked after the four-step Himalaya Anti Hairfall ritual.

Himalaya anti hairfall range review

I like the fact that the Anti Hairfall cream did not weigh down my hair or make it greasy. While I have used this range just twice, the first impressions are pretty good with the exception of the hair oil. I personally, don’t like non-sticky hair oils (weird, I know) and prefer the oils I use in my hair to feel like oil. But that’s just my preference. Also, with just a couple of uses, I can’t really comment on whether there is a reduction in hairfall or not, but I am going to use it consistently to check.

Have you tried out the Himalaya Anti Hairfall range as yet?

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