Colour Your Hair With L’Oreal Casting Cream Gloss and Your BFF + Hair Color Myths Busted

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss NoColorNoFashion

My friend had been contemplating getting her hair coloured but was wary of going to the salon due to a disastrous previous experience. She had asked for subtle highlights and what she had got was ombre at the tips of her hair. While it looked nice, it wasn’t what she wanted. Since I have been […]

Rub Shoulders With Sonam Kapoor In The L’Oréal Paris Cast My Girls Contest

Hey Shringaristas, Its been so hectic since last week with birthday celebrations and outings and card parties at home…I haven’t even got the chance to read up on all the lovely blogs that I enjoy reading, forget taking pics and writing blog posts! But when I heard about this contest, I simply just had to […]