Colour Your Hair With L’Oreal Casting Cream Gloss and Your BFF + Hair Color Myths Busted

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss NoColorNoFashion

My friend had been contemplating getting her hair coloured but was wary of going to the salon due to a disastrous previous experience. She had asked for subtle highlights and what she had got was ombre at the tips of her hair. While it looked nice, it wasn’t what she wanted. Since I have been using L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss since quite a few years now, I recommended that she try it out and colour her hair at home. Again she was apprehensive about doing it herself so I invited her over so that I could do her hair colour. She chose the colour 316 Plum since it is a dark, nearly black colour with reddish-plummy tint.

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss NoColorNoFashion

When the two of us meet, it is a giggle fest and we both got so engrossed in gossipping, chatting and cracking jokes that I forgot to take pictures! Thankfully, I did take the before and after pictures of her hair. Also, colouring your hair with Casting Creme Gloss is so easy, and I have done it so many times now, that I can do it in my sleep. So it was on auto-pilot as I went about preparing the colour and applying it on her hair. I must say colouring your hair with your BFF is far more fun than doing it yourself. Not only do you get a fabulous hair colour, your friend can apply it to hard to reach areas, focusing on the greys to ensure that they are covered and you have a great time doing it!

Here are the contents of the L’Oreal Parir Casting Creme Gloss:

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

You get a tube of the Colorant, a bottle of Developer and a small bottle of conditioner (which btw is fabulous). All you have to do is add the Colourant to the Developer, shake the bottle, snip off the tip and apply. For a detailed post on how to apply, check out my earlier post on Casting Creme Gloss here. Around 30 minutes and a cold coffee later, we rinsed off the colour, applied the conditioner, left that on for a couple of minutes and then rinsed it off. Here are the before and after pictures….

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss NoColorNoFashion
Before Casting Creme Gloss. The ombre at the tips that she wanted to get rid of.


L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss NoColorNoFashion
After Casting Creme Gloss in shade Plum. The ombre is all gone.

I wanted to take pictures in the sunlight but it was already dusk by the time we finished (she had to change her clothes coz her tee got wet, had to blow dry her hair etc) so I had to take the picture indoors. You cant really see much of the plum tint in this picture but it looks gorgeous in the daylight.

While we were waiting for the colour to develop, she was telling me about her sister-in-law who had loads of greys but was refusing to colour her hair out of fear of hair damage and hair fall. To be honest, she isn’t the only one. There are several women who have apprehensions with regards to hair colour, so here are some

Hair Color Myths Debunked

Myth #1 – Colouring leads to greying of hair

There was a time when I too, believed that the hair colour was responsible for an increase in my greys. However, as my hairstylist explained, while the hair is coloured, you don’t realise how many are slowly turning grey as a natural aging process. When the colour fades or the roots start showing, that is when you see the greys and you feel that they have increased.

Myth #2 – Colouring will make my hair look rough and damaged

This might have been true a couple of decades ago when harsh dyes were the only thing people had to colour their hair. These not only stripped the hair of natural moisture but also made it look unnatural and rough. A lot of research goes into hair colours and their ingredients these days so you have colours that are gentle and add moisture and shine to your hair while making it look completely natural. The Casting Creme Gloss also comes with a wonderful Nutri-Shine conditioner that helps in maintaing healthy hair and colour.

Myth #3 – Colouring hair is a time-consuming and messy process

Not with the Casting Creme Gloss. Yes, colouring your hair with henna is definitely time consuming and messy but the non-drip creme formulation of Casting Creme Gloss and the quick developing time makes it a quick and mess-free process.

In fact, L’Oreal Paris India’s brand ambassador, the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor has also tried to clear the myths about hair colour. You can check out her videos here.

Though I have coloured my hair countless times with L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss, this was the first time I did it for a friend. Not only was my friend really happy with her glossy shiny colour and smooth hair, it was also so much fun! Not to mention easier since your friend is applying the colour for you and will cover the hard to reach areas and the greys at the back of your head that you can’t see. I think we’ll just set up a monthly Hair Color evening – conversations + coffee + colour. Will be so much fun, don’t you think?

Disclaimer – This post is part of the #NoColorNoFasion campaign by L’Oreal Paris India. 


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