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A class group.
A basketball group.
Two different car pool groups.
A dance class group.
A concert group.

And this is just for one child….

Wondering what I’m taking about? Well,  today’s post isn’t connected with beauty but it certainly is with our lifestyle; especially our lifestyle as parents. And that is,  connecting with other parents to keep abreast of all the happenings at our children’s schools and their extra-curricular activities.  In this age of smart phones and WhatsApp,  we all have several different groups with other parents for the various kids-related things and at times,  it gets difficult to keep track of all the messages in all the groups.  To simplify things for parents,  there is now an app called Talkative Parents. Read on to know more about this app….

Talkative Parents App Review

About Talkative Parents

“Talkative Parents is the world’s first communication application dedicated to the parents of school going children. It allows you to connect with the parents of other children in the same class as your child in just one click. Talkative Parents bridges communication gaps between parents of school going children and enables real world problem solving through collaboration.”

In my son’s school, at the start of the academic year, all parents are given the class list which has a list of all the students in the class with the contact numbers and email addresses of both the parents. It is quite a tedious task to store them all, especially for the mom who is the class rep and has the responsibility of making the class WhatsApp group and email group. Talkative Parents not just makes this task simpler but also does away with the need to have all the parents’ phone numbers. As a parent, all you have to do is log on to the app, enter your child’s details including school,  class and division and voilà,  you’re connected with the other parents of that class!


Talkative Parents App Review


Talkative Parents App Review


When I was told to try out this app, it didn’t really excite me much. I honestly didn’t feel the need for this app because my son’s school has it’s own two apps, one for tracking the school buses and one for the school to send out messages to the parents. Besides that, our WhatsApp groups are strictly meant for school related stuff only; no silly forwards etc. However, for parents at other schools that do not provide such facilities,  this app is truly a boon.

Consider also the fact that if you have to move to a new city where you don’t know anyone, you can instantly connect with the other parents of your child’s classmates through this app.


Besides group chats, Talkative Parents also allows peer to peer messages without disclosing your personal details like phone number and email address. Need to share pictures of kids backstage at the annual day concert that you clicked on your phone? This app allows you to share pictures as well.

Talkative Parents App Review

Perhaps the best feature of Talkative Parents is it’s dynamic nature. At the start of the new academic year, you needn’t bother with entering the whole class list on your phone and making a WhatsApp group. All you have to do is update your child’s class details and you will be connected with the other parents. Child got admission in another school? Update the school the child’s information,  enter the class and you’re done. Impressive in it’s simplicity.

Since Talkative Parents is a new app, I am currently the only parent in my son’s group. Seeing that it is such a useful and convenient, time-saving app, I have invited all the other moms to download this app and join in as well. I’m sure the class rep will certainly be very glad that this app will save her the work of compiling a database of all the parents.

To know more about Talkative Parents,  you can check out their website here. They also gave an exhaustive FAQ page that answers all the queries that a parent using this app might have. It is compatible with iOs,  Android and Windows OS and is available for download at the respective app stores. Here are the links from where you can download them:

Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:

What do you think of an app such as this? How do you connect with the other parents of your child’s classmates? What issues do you face in that? Let me know in the comments and start a discussion.

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