Gia Bath And Body Works – Luxurious, Cruelty-Free Products

Gia Bath and Body Works

Had Gayatri Brown, the lady behind the brand Gia Bath And Body Works, been a student at Hogwarts, she would have undoubtedly been Professor Snape’s favourite student in Potions. Because honestly, her body butters, body washes, body polishes and all other deliciously scented concoctions are nothing short of magic! I have used some of her products […]

Memebox Special #39 Café Box – Unboxing And Contents

As a coffee lover, I was truly thrilled when Memebox came up with a Café box. The description too, appealed to the caffeine-addict in me so obviously, I had to buy it.“Get your daily caffeine buzz with this Café Box! Wake up and smell the coffee has just taken on a whole new meaning! We’ve […]

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Gift Box With Angel Mist and Body Lotion

Who doesn’t like Victoria’s Secret? Who doesn’t like receiving gifts from Victoria’s Secret? Especially when they come packaged in a gorgeous, glittery golden box! That is what I received in November but somehow it just got stashed away in the depths of my wardrobe only to emerge recently when I was searching for something else. […]