The Yogi Box – Your Starter Kit To More Mindful Living

The Yogi Box

Who can deny that life today is increasingly more stressful? Besides mental stress, our bodies have to endure physical stress in the form of pollutants in the air, nutritionally deficient food and and overall unhealthy lifestyle. While almost all of us focus on the external beauty; resorting to lotions and potions for radiant skin and lustrous hair, we forget that beauty is intrinsically linked to wellness and health. Fellow blogger and friend, Prerna Sinha of maaofallblogs realised this as she set off on her wellness journey and along with Yogi Today, decided to curate a subscription box. But this isn’t any run of the mill subscription box. The Yogi Box is essentially a “starter kit” to more mindful living, more conscious living. Read on to know more about the Yogi Box and it’s launch event….

The Yogi Box

About The Yogi Box

“The Yogi Box is a carefully curated offering of natural, organic and wellness products focused on promoting a healthy state of body and mind. It’s a monthly subscription box where the subscribers get an assortment of full and sample sized products each month. An extension of your practice off the yoga mat, the curated products in the launch box will serve you as gentle reminders through the day of the choice you have made to embark on your journey of wellness.”

The Yogi Box

The Yogi Box was launched last month at an exclusive and intimate blogger meet at The Yoga House in Bandra amid sessions of meditation and a  wholesome, organic, lunch. It was great meeting fellow moms and beauty enthusiasts and discussing our preferred methods of destressing. Ruchi Kapoor, one of the co-founders of The Yogi Box and a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, showed us how we can incorporate wellness in our busy “I-have-no-time” lives.

Contents of The Yogi Box

The Yogi Box

The launch edition of The Yogi Box contains the following:

  • The Yoga House Voucher (₹700 – valid for one class)
  • Om Ved Vetiver Bath Scrub (₹90)
  • The Yogi Tea (₹140 for 20g)
  • YogiToday Chakra Bracelet (₹200)
  • Tattva Body Wash (₹200 for 100ml)
  • Tattva Body Lotion (sample size. Full size is ₹475 for 200ml)
  • Indie Eco Candles (2 tealights. Full size is ₹690)

Here’s a closer look at each…


The Yoga House Voucher

The Yogi Box

The Yoga House voucher entitles you to one free yoga session so that you can try it out for yourself before enrolling. You also get a jar of organic honey complimentary post the session. Win-win.

Om Ved Vetiver Bath Scrub

The Yogi Box

A natural, gentle and aromatic exfoliator made with pure vetiver (khus) roots. Not only does it make the skin soft and smooth, it’s aroma also relieves tension. When you start using it initially, it is extremely rough and abrasive so keep it only for the soles of your feet and knees. With use, it softens and can then be used all over the body.

The Yogi Tea

The Yogi Box

Specially made for The Yogi Box by Exalte, this refreshing and energising tea is a delightful blend of tea, rose petals, cinnamon and other goodness-filled ingredients. I usually need honey to sweeten my green tea (though this one has black tea in it) and yet, I didn’t need any kind of sweetener with this. I love it and will surely order more once this runs out.

YogiToday Chakra Bracelet and Indie Eco Candles

The Yogi Box

Made in the city of Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore, the YogiToday Chakra Bracelet has seven stones aligned to the chakra colours. While as a bracelet it won’t do any miracles, it will surely help you in increasing your focus on keeping your energies in balance.

The Indie Eco tealights are handcrafted with natural vegetable wax and essential oils. These smell deliciously of vanilla.

Tattva Body Wash and Body Lotion

The Yogi Box

Tattva is a brand that believes in capturing the essence of nature in it’s products. All their products are hand crafted, eco friendly and with ingredients sourced from nature. The body wash smells like rose in a bottle and the body lotion has a lovely, creamy warm fragrance.

Priced at ₹599 , The Yogi Box is certainly a good way of getting unique, difficult to source products that help you slowly attain a more mindful, healthy lifestyle. Products like the Chakra bracelets and the Exalte tea are exclusively available through The Yogi Box. The delightful mix of organic and novel products and it’s focus on promoting wellness  sets this subscription box apart from all the othersthat mainly focus on beauty and fashion. I really am eager to know what’s in next month’s box. You can buy this box on the Yogi Today website here and also sign up for a 3 month subscription.

What do you think of The Yogi Box and all it’s contents? Do let me know in the comments below.

PS – I wonder why the pictures haven’t come out sharp. They looked fine on the phone but not that great on the laptop. Shall have to look into this….

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  1. This looks pretty interesting. All the products are nice 🙂

  2. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says: Reply

    nice products
    unique concept
    you look v.nice

  3. Jayanthi Parthasarathy says: Reply

    wonderful new box
    will try

  4. Awesome. Would give a try.

  5. prerna sinha says: Reply

    Thank you Dollie’s a wonderful reveiw and I am glad you liked it

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