Whisper Ultra Clean Review

Whisper Ultra Clean

While we all are obsessed with beauty and skincare, we sometimes forget that beauty, health and hygiene are closely linked. Haven’t we all suffered at some time or the other, from monthly acne that we get around “that time of the month”? We all use several products to tackle those, but menstruation, and the products we use to tackle it,  brings with it other skincare issues like rash and itching, ones that can sometimes cause great discomfort while also affecting our daily lives. As a mother and a blogger, I am always out and about – be it school meetings and activities, play dates, birthdays, brand events and product launches – and I can’t think of skipping any of them because of menstruation. Or feeling uncomfortable and distracted because of skin rash.

Keeping in mind the all the requirements of today’s girl who doesn’t want to press the pause button on her life simply because of a natural bodily function, Whisper India recently launched the all new Whisper Ultra Clean. Those of you who have used the Whisper Ultra earlier would agree that it was perhaps the best sanitary napkin around. The R & D team at Whisper decided to make  a great product even better and the result is a sanitary napkin that is five times better than the others – the Whisper Ultra Clean – and that will helps all girls to #OwnThose5Days.

Whisper Ultra Clean

What makes the Whisper Ultra Clean better than other sanitary napkins?

  • Longer Lasting absorption
  • Better dryness
  • Faster asbsorption
  • Better comfort by softer top sheet
  • Better scent

Whisper Ultra Clean

Here’s the technology behind the better performance:

  • The Whisper Ultra Clean has a top sheet made of a new, soft material that feels comfortable and doesn’t cause rashes on the skin.
  • It has 1000 suction holes for better and faster absorption.
  • There are Magic Gel Crystals that whisk away the moisture and turn it into gel so that you feel dry and comfortable.
  • It has an Odour Lock technology that prevents odours and helps you feel fresh.
  • An extra long length to keep you dry longer and avoid frequent changes.

Whisper Blogger Meet

Though it has been quite a few years since I have swtiched over to other modes of menstrual hygiene, I did try out the new Whisper Ultra Clean and have to say that it does, indeed, live up to most of it’s claims. What I especially liked was that it was lighter and thinner than it’s earlier version and hence, more comfortable. The Whisper Ultra Clean also absorbes better and because of it’s size, you can go for more number of hours between changes.

The other thing that I really liked about this sanitary napkin is that the top sheet is definitely softer and more comfortable. I didn’t face any rashes – which was one of my main concerns with the earlier versions. Close contact with sanitary napkins would lead to rash which would get aggravated over the five days. With the Whisper Ultra Clean, thankfully, I didn’t face that problem at all.

While this sanitary napkin was indeed very comfortable for daytime use, I wasn’t very comfortable with it at night. Perhaps that is because I have got used to other methods of menstrual hygiene especially during the night, but if you are only a sanitary napkin user, then you would have no issues with that.

Priced at ₹80 for 7 pads, the Whisper Ultra Clean is priced quite well, especially since it does offer longer dryness and doesn’t need to be changed as frequently as normal sanitary napkins.

If you would like to try out the new Whiper Ultra Clean and see for yourself if it lives up to it’s claimes, you can request for a free sample here: http://rewardme.in/whisper.

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