Chocoholics Rejoice…A Gentle, Nourishing, DIY Face and Body Chocolate Scrub.

Ok, so we had quite a disappointing chocolate scrub with big sugar crystals (albeit a nice fragrance). But don’t be disheartened Shringaristas, coz I have something better for you, something that is gentle enough to be used on your face a well as your body, something that is nourishing for the skin, something that you […]

Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub Review : Love at First Sniff…But Is It Really “Ishqwala Love”?

My family and friends all know that I am a total chocoholic….I simply LOVE chocolates and I eat a little chocolate daily. That’s one thing I simply can’t give up. Hubby knows how much I love chocolate co he’s had to go on Lindt and Goldkenn and Godiva missions during both my pregnancies (though not […]