Gillette Venus Blogger Meet With Kriti Sanon And The Subscribe To Smooth Challenge

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Realising that many women are still apprehensive about shaving, Gillette Venus, the world leader in female shave products, held a blogger meet along with a panel discussion with actor Kriti Sanon, dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty and celebrity beauty expert, Namrata Soni to help dispel the myths and fallacies surrounding shaving. Here are some pictures from the […]

Gillette Venus “Use Your AND” Campaign and Product Review

Gillette Venus – the world leader in female shave products – recently launched the “Use Your AND” campaign to inspire women to stand up against one-dimensional labels and encourage them to unleash their innate potential. After all, all girls and women have, at some point or other, faced labels and stereotyping. What people forget, is […]