Gillette Venus Blogger Meet With Kriti Sanon And The Subscribe To Smooth Challenge

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Realising that many women are still apprehensive about shaving, Gillette Venus, the world leader in female shave products, held a blogger meet along with a panel discussion with actor Kriti Sanon, dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty and celebrity beauty expert, Namrata Soni to help dispel the myths and fallacies surrounding shaving. Here are some pictures from the event as well as excerpts from the discussion…

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Speaking about Gillette Venus, Kriti Sanon said, “I have always followed a strict regime when it comes to taking care of my skin. Just the way I choose my films only after being confident about the script, I also adopt methods in my beauty regime after being absolutely convinced about it’s results. Gillette Venus products have always been skin friendly owing to the unique design and distinctive features that perfectly suit a woman’s needs. The best part about shaving is that it is hassle-free, takes minimal time and enables one to be ready for any occasion at all times.”

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Dr. Rashmi Shetty was very pleased to be a part of this panel discussion because, as a dermatologist, it gave her the opportunity to break the age-old myths around shaving for women. Speaking to us, she said, “Many women believe that shaving will make their skin become darker or their hair would grow faster and thicker which is why they refrain from it. However, in reality, hair growth is determined by one’s genetic and hormonal makeup.”

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Having interacted with several Indian and international models, celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni has seen that shaving has become a part of their beauty regime. According to her, “The basic essential to achieve healthy skin is to use the right products in the right manner. While hair removal is a key part of everybody’s beauty regime, we need to ensure we use the method that is best suited to our skin type. Personally, I believe that shaving is one of the safest and most convenient methods and is suitable for all types of skin.”

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

Personally, I do agree with them. While I like to wax most of the times, sensitive skin can get rash and get irritated with waxing. Also, if you have read my post on the Gillette Venus razor, one of my biggest issues with waxing is ingrown hair. This is something I don’t get when I shave with the Gillette Venus. Of course, it also depends on how you shave but I shall keep those tips for another post since this one is already long enough.

At the event, they also asked us bloggers to take up the 30 days Subscribe To Smooth challenge, where, for a month, the only hair removal method that we have to follow is shaving. It isn’t a very difficult challenge for me since there have been months post childbirth when I only used to shave. Infact, whenever I travel, I prefer to carry a razor along for tackling those annoying little stubbly hair that pop up. Next week, I am off on a holiday and of course, the Gillette Venus is going to be in my toiletries kit.

If you have any queries/questions/doubts on shaving as a hair removal method, please feel free to ask here and I will answer them in another blog post. Or even any personal experiences that you might want to share.

And here’s what I wore for the event….

Gillette Venus Blogger Meet

I anyway love jumpsuits and this one is sooo comfortable! Perfect for summer and in keeping with the nautical theme of the event. Like?

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    Truly mam, you inspired me in many ways…So much potential in you and You have a long away to go.All the best.
    You are truly amazing …..

    1. Thank you so much Shruti. And please don’t call me mam. 🙂

  2. woww.lucky u..yu look so stylish dollie

    1. Thanks Preethi

  3. If I have to give one super mom award / blogger super mom in better words , it would you and onlyyyyyy you Dollie 🙂
    I dont know how to share what all thoughts I have in mind while trying to explain what i feel about you look at youuuu dear 🙂
    perfect in every possible way …
    I seriously mean my words and you have to trust me for that

    1. Thank you sooooo much Rashmi. I’m touched/flattered/honoured, all in one. Reading this comment seriously made my day 🙂

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