Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway!

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway

I’m sure you all know how obsessed I am with face masks, whether they are clay, cream or sheet. (To know the difference between them, read this post). So of course, when Za sent me the new True White Exfoliating Clay, I was more than eager to try it out. Especially since the soaring heat and humidity levels need a product with clay to keep the sebum levels in check. And this one was an exfoliant and mask in one. I received it 10 days ago and have been using it 3 times a week since then. Want to know what I think about this? Here’s the….

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway

About The Za True White Exfoliating Clay

“This whitening clay mask exfoliates excess surface skin cells, removes impurities around pores, absorbs sebum and instantly imparts translucent skin. The soft clay spreads gently over skin and the micro-scrub granules gives a massage effect.”


The Za True White Exfoliating Clay comes in a very hygienic and travel-friendly tube with a flip top cap. The perfect packaging to squeeze out the required quantity and keep the germs out. Fuss-free and practical.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway



Not just a scrub, not just a clay mask, this is a hybrid of the two and an answer to the lazy girl’s prayer for a multi-tasking product. It is a thick and creamy white clay that is soft and easy to spread on the face. There are micro-granules in it that exfoliate the skin cells while the clay in it deep cleans, absorbs excess sebum and helps in brightening the skin.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway

Can you see the little “bubbles” in the picture? Those are the scrub granules. They are quite gentle and don’t feel too harsh. Infact, if I had to compare, I would say that it feels like scrubbing your face with rice flour paste. But of course, the gentlest of the scrubs need to be kept away from sensitive, irritated skin and skin with active acne breakouts. Common sense really. And yes, the skin DOES look cleaner and brighter after using it. Pores, what pores?

Another thing that I really like about this exfoliating clay is the fragrance. I like my skincare products to have a mild fragrance and this one is quite heavily scented. However, the fragrance is really nice and feminine. If you prefer fragrance-free products or have sensitive skin, then you know what you’re in for.


The Za True White Exfoliating Clay has to be used after cleansing the skin. You have to apply it all over the face (avoiding the eyes and lips area obviously) and then gently massage it for about 1 minute before rinsing it off with water. What I also like to do is to leave it on, like a clay mask, after massaging it. It dries after around 10 minutes and then I rinse it off. If you have really oily skin, then you should try this.


Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway


₹399 for 100g makes it a very affordable product. And it’s multi-tasking one at that.

#ZaGirl #TrueMe Challenge

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review and TrueMe Giveaway

Now I’m sure you want to know what the giveaway is. Well, Za is giving five lucky winners a chance to win a 30g tube of the True White Exfoliating Clay! All you have to do is  tell me one interesting #TrueMe fact about yourself. Here are some about me:

  • I’m a mother of two boys and yet, I get more excited about theme parks than they do! And I love roller-coasters, the scarier, the better.
  • I am a total Chocoholic!
  • I am a Pluviophile – a person who loves rain. While a lot of people find monsoons to be dreary and depressing, I feel they are incredibly romantic.
  • The Mahabharat is my favourite “story”. I would infact, call it an obsession. While I’m a “happy ending” kind of person, there is nothing happy about the Mahabharat and yet, it is my favourite!
  • I love traveling and organising holidays. My favourite way to get over post-holiday blues is to start mentally planning the next one.

Since it is such a simple giveaway, I’m not using rafflecopter for it this time. Here are the rules. Please ensure that you follow ALL of them.

  • The Giveaway is on from the 6th of May to midnight of the 10th. India only. Winners will be declared on the 11th and will HAVE to email me their contact details by 12 noon on the 12th of May so that I can forward them to the Za team. I will be travelling after that and will probably not be checking my emails.
  • Five winners will each win one 30g tube of Za True White Exfoliating Clay. The prizes are sponsored by Za India.
  • Each person can enter only once. Multiple entries aren’t allowed. Your answers have to include the tags #ZaGirl and #TrueMe.
  • Like the  IndianShringar and Za India  Facebook pages.
  • Follow IndianShringar and Za India on Twitter.
  • Follow IndianShringar and Za India on Instagram.
  • Along with your answer, also mention your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usernames.

Good luck. I’m really looking forward to reading your replies. It will be a nice way of getting to know a bit more about you 🙂

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  1. Kavita Nayak says: Reply

    #TrueMe #ZaGirl
    Life is a roller coaster ride filled with lots of joys & sorrows in it. It’s a part & parcel of life. I have seen both in my life too. But I always cherished the beautiful part of my life which is filled with lots of joy, love & happiness. Not to forget lots of fun & filled in it too. I would like to share my most precious moment of my life is none other then the day when I got to know I was pregnant & am going to be a mom soon. Since I was married to my sweetheart childhood love we knew we wanted to have a baby & wanted to be parents soon. But that never happened the way we wanted to. Every time I would see a baby on T.V or anywhere outside such as in a mall, on the road My eyes would just fill with tears as why couldn’t I be a mom. But my hubby would always support me or say, that things happen only when it has to happen, believe in god, believe in yourself & it would happen. He would do everything to put a smile on my face to make me laugh & happy. That always made me the strong person that I am today. I love him for the things he has done then & the things he does today to keep me happy. Sometimes things just don’t happen as & when we want in life. But when it does unexpectedly it just fills life with lots of happiness & joy. After 6 long years of disappointment, the day I got to know the most amazing news of me having a baby of my own had no words or boundaries to express the happiness but just pure bliss to my ears which was the most unforgettable day of my entire life. And it was all because of my hubby who always told me to be positive in life. I love him more then he will ever know.

  2. #ZaGirl #TrueMe
    Thank you for the simple yet very fabulous giveaway in collaboration with Za India-a very renowned brand for beauty lovers.. 🙂
    Simply can’t resist myself when it comes to Za-so,Simply drooling over to win one.

    Now coming to an intresting fact about me is I’m a MOMO’HOLIC (addicted to momos)!!I need momos every 2nd day or else I can feel ill…Yeah that’s true :p !! Girls love to maintain figures and are conscious of their diets and Momos being a junk food(contains maida) can increase weight but I really don’t just care !Its not only what I love but its a need!!
    Before I forget to mention a thing that I can eat upto 1katori of Momos chutney…Yes I’m insane hehe…If I’m angry,if I’m not well or anything my family and all my friends know to reach me out with 1 thing-MOMOS <3 <3 <3

    Not on twitter or insta…Only on fb
    My fb username -Pallavi Rohatgi

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Umme Aymen says: Reply

    First of all thank you so much for collaborating with Za and organizing such a lovely contest 😀 Moving over to the contest , I often notice that when I talk with someone with an accent then I unconsciously start to imitate their accent .I don’t know if its cool but I hate people saying its fake .It just happens and I get carried away with it So basically a fun fact about me is that I can pick up accents really well

    Facebook: Umme Aymen
    Twitter: SaAymen
    Instagram: ummeaymen
    Goodluck to everyone who participates xo’s

  4. Bhavani Sekar says: Reply

    I am a #ZaGirl and the #TrueMe l always try my best, to treat everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard, have learnt how to be loyal, honest and to keep patience whatever i am doing in my life 🙂

    Facebook- Bhavani Sekar
    Instagram- @bhavanisekar

  5. Shruti mathew says: Reply

    #zaGirl #TrueMe
    Thank you mam for the wonderful giveaway you have organized.
    The most interesting fact about me is I am very simple yet elegant.Books is what makes me go crazy for.I love reading and its been my mad craze that Each book I read I make it a point to meet that specific author and sign it for me.Another passion in me is I wanna be a NGO and help all the needy.
    No twitter ya instragram…only id is

  6. shubhi saxena says: Reply

    #ZaGirl #TrueMe
    an intresting true me fact about me is that i am a completely shopaholic
    yesss i ‘ m helping the economy
    my instagram id-SHUBHISAXENA77
    my twiiter id-amit@@9917
    my facebook id-

  7. Ghazala Naseem says: Reply

    #ZaGirl #TrueMe
    Nice Giveaway
    Liked ,shared , followed on facebook and twitter , I don’t have an Instagram account , so cant follow there.

    An interesting fact about me is I still love watching cartoons like a small kid. When ever my kids watch Tom & Jerry or Doraemon , I sit with them and enjoy it like a small kid.

    Facebook name Ghazala Naseem

    Twitter name Naseem Ghazala

  8. Forgot to mention the handles 😛
    Facebook- Clementia DSouza
    Instagram-weirdandnormal 🙂

  9. I am a #ZaGirl and the #TrueMe loves toddlers too much. I can spend hours with them whether its playing with them or running behind them or even watching their nursery rhymes with them and dancing with them, they bring so much joy and hapiness in my life and I get very excited to try out the new toys that keep coming in the market. I always feel that because of them the child in me never dies 🙂

  10. Nishat Anjum says: Reply

    Thanksss for this amazingg Giveaway
    #zaGirl #TrueMe
    very interesting fact of mine is That I dont like chocolates and ice cream.I also dont know that how can Being a girl I can dis like these awesum ,delicious taste,but I dont like it.
    Facebook name: Nishat Anjum
    Twitter handle: @nishatnjm1
    instagram Id:nishatnjm1
    Wish to win

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