Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 25 PA+++ – First Impressions

A powder foundation formulated with special light controlling ingredients to enhance the texture and luminosity of skin while beautifully concealing flaws. Versatile dry or wet application allows the coverage and finish you choose.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Powder Foundation 

I had gone to Parcos today to check if they had any stocks of my FAVOURITE fragrance, Ralph Lauren’s Glamorous (unfortunately it’s discontinued and I’m desperate to get my hands on it) and shopaholic and make-up addict that I am, I ended up buying this Shiseido powder foundation. Not that I needed it! But in my defence, the sales person at the Shiseido counter was really very convincing. 

The foundation and case are sold separately in an attempt to be more eco-friendly. So, once you finish up with the powder, you simply remove the refill and put in another one thus reducing the amount of plastic packaging in the landfills. 

I believe in other Asian countries, the case for this powder foundation is a light pink one. Here however, they just had this black one. Which is fine with me coz I feel that black looks more elegant for a product from a brand like Shiseido.  

I was matched to shade Ochre 30. The powder itself is very finely milled and silky to touch. It goes on very smoothly and gives a matte look. Once it settles on your skin, it does make your skin appear brighter (not fairer but brighter, as in a healthy well-rested kind of look. Also, since you can apply it either wet or dry, you can control the kind of coverage you want. You can also use a powder brush to apply if you want a very light layer. 

It also seems to last and control oil quite well. The sales person applied this on my face this morning and even after 5 hours, my face is matte and oil free. She also told me to use a very light hand while applying so I guess this product is going to last me a long time. 

As you can see in the pictures, the packaging is really nice and it has quite a nice sized mirror. I hate it when compacts/foundations come with small mirrors, they are quite useless.  The black case looks so chic 🙂

Let me try it out for a few days and I’ll put up a proper review. 
Have you tried this foundation? What’s your experience with it? Which is your favourite powder foundation? I’d love to know so do leave your comments. 🙂
PS- If any of you know where I can get stocks of Ralph Lauren Glamorous, pls pls pls do let me know. Thanks.

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