Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss 128 Meteore Review

A long lasting, ultra-gloss look; intense colours and a perfect finish. The gel texture, fluid yet substantial, is easy to apply, giving a perfectly even finish. The smooth formula keeps your lips comfortable. A gelling agent of mineral origin supplies fluidity and body. Esters ensure glide-on application and optimum evenness of the gloss. The provide smoothness and emollience. Syrupy organic polymers contribute to the lasting quality of the gloss. 

Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss 128 Meteore Review

I had been lusting for a Chanel gloss since quite some time and when I finally went to buy one, I allowed the sales person to veer me away from my comfort zone and try out a shade that I normally wouldn’t. This gloss #128 Meteore, in the store’s lighting, looked like a warm, shimmery, gold infused, mid-toned rose. And since I didn’t have a similar colour, I bought it.  

If there’s a gloss that can be called a chameleon, this is it. It transforms itself depending on the lighting, your lipliner and/or your lipstick. When I wear it by itself (no lip liner/lipstick), it gives a sheer was of almost translucent, shimmery rose on my pigmented lips. 
When I wear it with a nude lipliner, the colour leans more towards beige and a pink liner brings out the rose tones in it. I have layered it over various lipsticks, nudes, pinks, fuchsias and each time, it looks different…and so very beautiful. 

The gloss itself is a translucent warm rose with gold and berry coloured micro-fine glitter giving it colour and shimmer. I guess this is the reason behind the versatility of this gloss and its “chameleon-like” ability to look good with a wide variety of lip colours. As you can see in the pictures, it truly does look different under different lighting. 

Though it’s a gloss, it doesnt feel sticky or gritty. It doesnt last too long though, but it does leave behind some shimmer on your lips which some people might like and some might not. 

And now the price….Rs. 1700. Yes, it is quite expensive, but then it is Chanel. Great quality, pretty packaging and a wonderful product. I do think I’ll buy a couple more colours from this collection 🙂
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