Vichy Normaderm Triactive Anti Imperfection Hydrating Care Review

Vichy’s claims: Normaderm Tri-Active provides anti-sebum and anti-humidity action to reduce shine and minimize the appearance of pores. Within 7 days the skin appears clearer and healthier looking. Skin texture is smoother and complexion is purified. (details here).


Tri-Active has a lovely light gel-creme-like texture and is very easily absorbed into the skin. It actually seems to melt into my skin and keeps it oil free while hydrating it. It also has quite a pleasant, mild fragrance. 


It comes in a 50ml pump bottle. While the pump helps in dispensing just the right amount of product and is also hygienic, I cant see how much of the product is left. There isn’t any way of opening/removing the pump mechanism and I’m sure some product at the bottom of the bottle will go waste.

My experience:

Some time ago, my normally good, well-behaved skin was acting up a lot and I found myself with loads of hyge, painful cystic acne on my face 🙁 Vichy launched its Normaderm Tri-Active lotion around the same times and I decided to see for myself if the “7days smooth skin” claims actually worked. 

I was so surprised to see that there truly was a reduction in acne in just a week. The acne were drying up faster and by the end of 2 weeks, I had just one or two small pimples (not cystic). At the end of the 3rd week, I had none, yes, none…yippee!

Its been almost four months now that I have been using this and my skin is still acne-free (touchwood). Of course, the acne did leave behind some scars which will take ages to fade but I’m hoping that the three peeling ingredients in this lotion (salicylic acid, glycolic acid and LHA) will help speed up skin turnover and thus fade my scars faster. I just wish that it also had SPF so that I dont have to wear sunscreen on top. 

Overall, I truly love this product and what it has done to my skin.


Rs. 1250 for 50ml. Though now Vichy has introduced it in a 30ml tube which is available for a limited time for Rs. 590 instead of Rs. 690.

My rating: 4/5 (had to take a point away for the pump bottle and lack of SPF)

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  1. jayashree says: Reply

    Hii.. thanx a lot for your precious reviews. . M new to this cmt one. .. i m 25 female. Having combination skin typ.. m gng to buy vichy normederm toner; vichy aqualia thermal light cream for night; avene cleanser; m confused about night cream and day cream .. i want m skin to be clear and glowing..plz help me out…vichy normederm tri action (night ) or vichy normederm night detox …. and for day vichy ideal whitening repluming gel or vichy ideal white meta whitening essence what’s the difference which shd i use…. PLZ HELP MR OUT.. M REALLY CONFUSED. . SHOULD I ADD SOMETHING OR REMOVE

    1. Hi Jayshree, firstly, get a good serum coz combination skin can also be dehydrated (like mine is). Vichy Aqualia is a very nice one. If needed, you can add a moisturiser on top or simply wear sunscreen over it. You can use the White Med Essence at night and since it is an essence, apply a night cream over it. For clear and glowing skin, sunscreen is very important as is proper cleansing.

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