Bourjois Blush 33 Lilas d’Or and 72 Tomette Review

Bourjois Blushe 33 Lilas d’Or and 72 Tomette Review

The Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes have been around for almost 150 years. The baked  texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine powder which blends impeccably. What I really like about these blushes is that the pot itself is the same colour as the blush which makes it so easy to grab the right colour among a stack of blushes. You dont need to rummage through all of them reading names and/or opening to check the colour. 
#33 Lilas D’Or
This is a mid-tone pink with gold shimmer. It is quite pigmented so make sure you start of with a light hand. The gold shimmer is very fine and once applied, it is not very obvious. The colour is such a pretty golden rose that I feel it would look good on most skin tones. 
Like all Bourjois blushes, this one too has a mild rose fragrance that some people (me included) might not like much. It comes with its own brush which, honestly, is of not much use. I use Elizabeth Arden blush brush to apply. 
# 72 Tomette
Tomettes (according to Wikipedia) are baked terracotta tiles, usually square or hexagonal in shape. I guess the warm, peachy, sunbaked kind of colour of this blush prompted Bourjois to name it thus. 
The colour is a gorgeous deep,  warm peach with gold shimmer and looks lovely on my medium skin tone without looking too orange. Again, apply lightly and then build up as required. Most Indian women would look good in this warm peach shade. 
Gorgeous colours dont you think? 

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