L’Occitane Soothing Shampoo Review

What is it with me and L’Occitane? Why is it that I simply cant walk past a L’Occitane store without feeling the urge to browse in there? And why is it that once I browse there, I always end up buying something, even though I really don’t need anything, even though I have loads of L’Occitane stuff??? Anyway, I bought this little beauty, the travel sized Soothing Shampoo….

L’Occitane Soothing Shampoo Review

 Formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex of five essential oils and wheat proteins, this shampoo helps soothe sensitive or irritated scalp. it’s gentle formula cleanses and purifies the scalp, easing immediately, irritations and aggressions, and adding genuine softness to hair. Scalp returns to a healthy and comfortable state, for stronger, beautiful hair. 
The essential oils of Chamomile, Mandarin, Cedar, Basil and Lemongrass improve micro-circulation for better hair vitality. They soothe irritations and itching and relax, calm and purify the scalp. 
My experience
The reason why I bought this shampoo over the other shampoos is because I was intrigued by its claims of soothing an irritated scalp. The schizophrenic hot and humid Mumbai weather (Kabhi rain kabhi sun) combined with my daily power yoga sessions were leaving my scalp sweaty and well, yes, irritated. So I thought it made sense to buy this shampoo.
I bought the small travel sized 75ml bottle. It is a cute dark green bottle, like all their shampoo bottles, with L’Occitane’s trademark silver fliptop cap. The shampoo itself is colourless with texture like watery serum. It lathers well and, though I have just used it once (I bought it day before yesterday), I felt it cleaned my hair and scalp well. 
And the fragrance!!! WOW…it smells soooooo amazing. It is a very fresh, citrusy, revitalising fragrance and made me feel like I was in a garden with flowers in full bloom all around me.  Actually, my description doesnt do justice to this wonderful fragrance. My elder son loved the fragrance too and insisted I shampoo his hair with it. 
It’s L’Occitane, so the price is sure to be on the higher side…Rs. 450 for 75ml. The bigger bottle is priced at Rs. 1250 for 300ml. 
As of now, I am loving this shampoo (its fragrance especially). Come winter, perhaps I will buy the Repairing Shampoo for dry hair. 

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  1. ive been meaning to buy this or the repairing shampoo since some time… but waiting for my TBS one to get over ! 🙂

    1. Would love to know your views on the repairing shampoo when you do buy it 🙂

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