Maybelline Colorsensational The Jewels in Fuchsia Crystal – swatch and review

Hey everyone,
Hope all of you had a wonderful Diwali and a great time feasting on all the yummy sweets. The last 10 days have been a whirlwind of activities for me with hosting and attending dinners, lunches, card parties, the actual Puja and visiting relatives….whew!
So, this is going to be just a quick post since I have to rush out again. Just thought I’d share my thoughts about my new lippie which I wore for two of the events. It’s a Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick from The Jewels Collection; Fuchsia Crystal.
The colour is a rich, blue-based bold fuchsia leaning towards berry (more dark than bright if you know what I mean) and would look good on just about any skin tone. It has a creamy formulation that goes on very smoothly and doesnt dry out your lips nor emphasizes lip lines. 
Being richly pigmented, it gives a good wash of colour in just a swipe and the staying power is quite good (4-5 hours). As it fades, it does leave a bit of stain on the lips.
Sorry the swatch is a bit blurry 🙁

The name says Crystal but there’s not much noticeable sparkle to the lipstick. It’s not totally matte either….has just a teeny bit of shimmer.

Lovely colour dont you think? Have you tried it?

10 Replies to “Maybelline Colorsensational The Jewels in Fuchsia Crystal – swatch and review”

  1. its lovely!!
    im in a pink phase myself :p

  2. All.things.pretty says: Reply

    what a pretty shade!

  3. Welcome to my blog Apoorva…will surely follow u too 🙂

  4. Loved the color and the packaging 🙂

    1. Price very lovable too 😉

  5. Apoorva IDiva says: Reply

    Love the color and
    I guess you like the shimmery lip colors.
    and Im your newest follower. please do check my space dolly 🙂
    ❤I Diva❤

  6. Yup, its quite nice for autumn/winter. Got another colour in this range too, Fruit Punch but havnt worn it yet.

  7. It is indeed a lovely shade with blue undertones Dollie.:)
    I have not tried this range yet, may be soon .:)

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