Glimpses Into The Ranthambore National Park


I have been MIA (missing in action) since a week but that is because I was on a holiday in Ranthambore. I wanted to put up a couple of posts from there but somehow, just didn’t get any time to do it. Now that I’m back in sultry Mumbai (though it is quite pleasant at the moment), I’m really, really missing the chilly Rajasthan weather. Oh, how I love winters…it was such a pleasure to layer up and wear warm woolies and thick jackets! And I love it when the breath mists up in the early morning chill!

Anyway, this post is to give you a few glimpses into the gorgeous forests in the Aravali. The jungle was so beautiful, clad in rusts, yellows and browns of autumn with barren trees reaching up to blue skies flecked with fluffy white clouds….no picture can do justice to the actual beauty of the place. No matter how good and advanced a camera, nothing compares to the camera made by God, our eyes which can take in the entire panoramic vista.

We saw loads of Peacock (my favourite bird)


Rufus tail pie

….herons, coromants, eagles and a couple of other birds whose names i simply cant remember.

Will have to do separate posts for the animal pics,  hotel pics (didnt take too many of those though) and also the wonderful products that kept my skin soft, hydrated and glowing in the cold, dry weather.

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  1. I’m missing the chilly weather! I really want to go to Tadoba, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Gir and Corbett. And of course, South Africa and Kenya 😉 though for that I’ll have to wait till younger son’s a bit older.

    1. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

      eee I’ve been to Tadoba, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench Gir. Corbett & Ranthambore- I was very young, so have to do those again. & Kaziranga, Manas and everything that side, and only Bannerghatta down south. I hope to go to South Africa this year! All the best for your! 😀

    2. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

      I hope soo too! Oh and Bandipur. 😛 All in India! And I was too young for some of these, so have vague memories. But it’s nice to strike stuff off the list! 😛 Not much down south, Other than little stuff around B’lore and Hyd

    3. OMG! That’s seriously wow! You’re quite the safari veteran. Though I had done Chitwan in Nepal when I was in college, I haven’t done any other safaris. Wanted to do Madikeri when we had gone to Ooty and Connoor but couldn’t. South Africa would be amazing during migration. Hope u get to go during that time 🙂

  2. Awesome post Dollie…Absolutely loved each and evry pic here….waiting for the rest of the pics 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruby…there are hundreds of pics but they’re all so pixel heavy that they take ages to upload. Some more coming soon though 🙂

  3. I liked all the pics.. keep posting Dollie.
    you are MIA in blogosphere but very much in action there ..:))
    I want to go soon.

  4. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    Aww so pretty everything looks! I’m still in my shorts in Hyd, which btw is colder than normal, but still, after living in Udhampur, Tenga/ Tawang etc, nothing feels cold! :/ This reminded me of our trip to Gir! Simalar landscape, after the tiger pictures, I’ll say Bandhavgarh/ Kanha. 😛

  5. Great pics Dollie, I so want to visit Ranthambore 🙂

    1. It is definitely worth a visit 🙂

  6. great pics!!
    u knw even i love winters but right now in delhi, its freeezziinnggg 🙁 it was 4 degrees today 🙁

    1. Wow…that’s fab! When we woke up at 6am for the morning safaris, the temp was 3 degrees. And even after bundling up, when u sit in the open jeep, the wind really chills the bones. I really enjoyed it 😀

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