MAC Please Me Review and Swatches

Has it ever happened with u…that you shun certain shades of lipsticks thinking that they would never look good on you only to see someone with similar skintone as yours wear it and look lovely???

Well, that’s exactly what happened with me. I would never, ever dare to try out light, milky pinks because I was so sure that they would make me look absolutely ghastly. And then, at older son’s PTA meet, I saw one of his classmate’s mom (who btw is a famous TV actor’s wife and is an actor herself) whose skin tone is similar to mine, wearing a pale, muted, milky pink matte lipstick. And it looked so lovely on her. And that was all the makeup she wore…no liner, no foundation (she has amazing skin), no blush…just this lipstick.

That was it…..I wanted such a lipstick. Of course I didnt ask her which one it was but from the texture, it looked like a MAC Matte. So off I went to MAC and searched among the mattes and this is what I found……….

MAC Please Me

On the MAC website, Please Me is described as a muted rosy-tinted pink. It is a beautiful, delicate soft pink, one that I never thought would suit me. I loved it when I swatched it on my hand but couldn’t make up my mind. The SA sanitised me and urged me to try it on my lips and told me to wear it for sometime before I made up my mind. I did that, and was back at the store in half an hour to buy it!

Since it is a Matte lipstick, the texture is definitely dry, but a creamy kind of dry. On exfoliated and hydrated lips, this lipstick goes on smoothly without any tugging or pulling. However, if your lips are dry and flaky, be warned it will emphasise all those flaws!

Like most of the lipsticks in the matte range, this one too is highly pigmented. The colour is light but the pigmentation is wonderful. Just two swipes of this lipstick and I get opaque coverage even over my pigmented lips. I wish the staying power was as wonderful as the other mattes like So Chaud, but because it is a light colour, it kinda fades and blends in with my pigmented lips in 3-4 hours. But I’m quite ok with that. Oh, and it looks absolutely fantastic when I layer it on top of Bourjois Rouge Edition in Fuchsia Grafitti. It tones down the brightness of the fuchsia and gives a beautiful, wearable, bright pink. (I’ll do an LOTD with this combination soon).

In day light
This is how it looks in white fluroscent lighting. And it is so pigmented!
And this is how it looks in the glow of yellow light. You cant see the natural, pigmented lip colour under this lipstick.
As you can see, it is quite a subtle, pretty colour, perfect for those days when you feel you want a detox from bold, bright colours and yet dont want to wear nude colours. This colour strikes the perfect balance between the two and adds colour to your face.
One thing I noticed with Please Me is, if I wear foundation and blush along with this, then it doesnt look nice (at least on me). But if I have a clean face with just a tinted moisturiser / bb cream / powder and cleanly lined eyes, this colour looks fab. But that is on me…it would work differently with different skin tones.
Pretty colour that it is, I dont think it would work too well for duskier skintones.
What do you think of this colour?

13 Replies to “MAC Please Me Review and Swatches”

  1. Hii Dollie 😀

    This seems like it would be just perfect for you! Would definitely wash me out like a faded black and white photo for sure 😀

    1. Lol…what a comparison! But there are some light colours that u wear that look lovely on you 🙂

  2. Lovely color would love to try it out. But Matte in this cold weather would make my lips even more dry 🙁

    1. Yup, u need creamy, hydrating lipsticks there.

  3. yep ! I agree… this would wash out most Indian skin tones !

    1. I think it would look quite pretty on you 🙂

  4. Beautiful color! Looks very nice on your lips Dollie.:)

    1. Thanks Niesha 🙂

  5. happens with me too all the time.. i see a certain thing on someone and the next thing is u me searching for something similar..
    Getting back to the shade.. I tried this on too but it didn’t suit me.. then I bought the tender berry shade from loreal which is slightly on the purplish side but suits me.

    1. Hehe….I guess we girls all love that sort of “treasure hunt”.
      Hubby doesn’t like this shade much on me though, but then he doesn’t like pale, beige nudes on me either. That’s when I had layerd this over Fuchsia 😉

    2. Wow, most men prefer pale shades on women! I’ve really heard some weird comments about deeper colours! You are lucky 🙂

  6. Love the colour on you esp in the second photo, but I’ll have to avoid it 🙁 I’m NC37 (NC40 in summer) or Shiseido O40, so I definitely can’t pull it off. Booohooo 🙁

    1. Renu, I’m EXACTLY ur skin tone!!! NC37 right now going upto NC40-42 in summer! Try it at the store.

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