The Flash Contest Has a Winner!!!

Here’s what Renu had to say:

On a serious note, I wish our times with grandparents and other elders lasted longer. I wish our childhood and age of innocence had lasted longer.
On a lighter note, I wish Diwali discount sales lasted longer. I wish most lipsticks lasted longer. Above all, I wish ice creams, especially choco bars and mango bars, lasted longer 🙂

Yes Renu, I think most of us find these things on our wishlist too. Congratulations girl…email me your details soon.

For those of you who didnt win, dont be disheartened. I find this concept of Flash Contest so much fun that I’ll surely be coming up with more of these. Till then, do enter my other giveaway which is on till the 21st of Feb for a chance to win Lancome goodies.

2 Replies to “The Flash Contest Has a Winner!!!”

  1. Wow thanks Dollie. That was such fun! And it really made me think 🙂
    Have sent you an email 🙂

  2. Congrats Renu 🙂

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