Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner – Eco Chic Hair Care

No Parabens!
No Phthalates!
NoArtificial Colors!
Contains certified organic ingredients!

Grabbed your attention? Well, it certainly did mine when I was in Gourmet West at Westside Kala Ghoda. I mean, who wouldn’t want a shampoo and conditioner that’s good for the hair as well as for the environment? Eco chic, as the brand, Giovanni, chooses to term it. Since I had already bought the Vitapro Fusion a few months ago and loved it, I immediately grabbed the shampoo and conditioner.

This pearly, creamy shampoo is enriched with loads of goody-goody, fruit and vegetable extracts. Though it doesn’t have SLS, does have Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, which is perhaps why it lathers so well. It is a wonderful shampoo and it does make my hair softer and smoother. My hair also looks shinier after using this shampoo. If I have oil in my hair, then, like with any other shampoo, I need to shampoo twice to get the oil out.

A super goody conditioner to match with the goody shampoo, it doesn’t have any mineral oils, silicones, formaldehyde etc. It also has an amazing lightweight texture that hydrates hair without weighing it down and is very easy to rinse out of the hair too. It has also helped in controlling my frizz to a certain extent, though to combat frizz in Bombay’s humidity, you need a super product! Even without styling, my hair looks nice, the waves look pretty, not frizzy, when I use these two products.

The shampoo and conditioner are both packaged in rectangular bottles, narrower at the top than at the bottom, with a flip top cap. The sturdy packaging also makes it quite convenient for travelling as it doesn’t leak or anything. I’ve already used half the bottle of conditioner so I keep this bottle upside down to make it easier to get the product out. And yet, it doesn’t leak!

Both these products also have a lovely, pleasingly mild, citrusy fragrance which smells lovely but leaves a very mild lingering fragrance on the hair. Nothing too strong or over-powering to compete with any perfume that you might wear. And I have used shampoos before that leave a very strong fragrance on the hair! And that then clashes with the perfume you wear….not very pleasant.

Priced at Rs. 495 for 250 ml each, I feel these are a really good buy. Especially since they are SLS, paraben, phthalate etc free. And with certified ingredients, they’re good for the hair as well as the earth. Besides Gourmet West, they are also available online on

If you’re looking at changing your shampoo to an SLS free one, try this out. I’m really happy with the way it has worked for me, perhaps you will be too.

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  1. I am going to definitely try this! Thank you for sharing this review .:)
    No SLS, phthalates.. great!!

  2. Okay, I read the first four lines and I’m hooked (the no’s). And very value-for-money, too! Have to check what the sacrosinate thingy is, though :S
    My international giveaway

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