Ofra Instant Eye Makeup Remover : Shortest Review Ever!

I got the Ofra Instant Eye Makeup Remover in my March Vellvette box as a bonus product. Here’s what Ofra has to say about its product:
Hypoallergenic formula that is suitable for the most sensitive eye areas. This formula will remove eye and lip make-up easily even gently smoothing away waterproof makeup. Suitable for people who use contact lenses. Apply on dry cotton pads and remove the eye make-up and lipstick. Repeat if necessary. No stinging, this make up remover leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without any oily residue. 240ml priced at Rs. 1195/-

I honestly don’t know about the instant eye makeup removing part and the hypoallergenic part coz this remover stung my eyes like crazy!!! My eyes were stinging soooooooo badly and they were all red. And that too within seconds of holding the cotton with this remover to eyelid! Of course, in those few seconds, the eye makeup didnt come off…it remained intact so I don’t know what Ofra means by instant eye makeup remover. Never before has any eye makeup remover caused so much stinging in my eyes.

I could understand if it were a normal makeup remover, not suitable for eyes and yet I had used it on the eyes. But this one is specifically an eye makeup remover! Hypoallergenic too!!!!

Has anyone else used this? Did it sting your eyes too or is my case an exception here? How did it fare for you in terms of eye makeup removal? Please do let me know…I’m really curious.

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  1. I got OFRA their serum.. it sting on face too.. I hate their product… used twice and thrown away.. Another remover which sting badly is Revlon eye makeup remover…

  2. Thats not fair that its termed as an eye makeup remover and it doesn’t even do anything. I have used this Oriflame makeup remover and that is similar to this.
    Nice short review.:)

    1. Had to do a short review Niesha, coz this did nothin but sting my eyes!!!

  3. OUCH! You poor thing! That is awful! Don’t these things undergo clinical trials of some kind first? Hope the redness and stinging went away soon.
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    1. Splashed tons of water. The burning n redness subsided after 15 mins!

  4. sameee !!! i find it useless even to remove swatches of waterproof makeup from my hands!

    1. I didn’t try it on my hands, but on the eyes it stung n did not remove any makeup.

  5. It did the same thing to me Dollie… and i was wondering whyyyy cos eye make up removers should be very gentle and i really feel a severe burning sensation as soon as i use this one… i am strictly using this for lipstick removal only…

    1. I’m really shocked at this stinging effect! I too am keepin this just for lipstick removal.

  6. Buttons Apart says: Reply

    Oh no that’s terrible especially when its made for eyes!

    1. Yup….eye product that stings the eyes!!!!

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