Three Birthdays And An Anniversary……And A Giveaway!!!

July is undoubtedly my absolute favourite month of the year. It is a time for celebrations in the family as July brings with it three birthdays, my dad’s, my younger son’s and my husband’s, and my anniversary too (which, as you know by now, was on saturday). The rains in July just add to the romantic mood and the sales everywhere, add to the celebrations 😉

And I’d like you to be a part of the celebrations too and so, I’m having a little giveaway where you can win a gift hamper filled with the following goodies……
Here’s what one lucky reader is going to win:
* Spa Escape Bath Gift Set (Body Scrub + Body Butter)
* Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++
* L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
* MAC Eyeshadow in Haunting
* Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick in Non Stop Red
*  Om Ved Gift Set (Candle + Incense Sticks + Soap) 
Rules of the Giveaway:
 * This contest is open to my readers living in India only. I apologise to the international readers…sorry. Please bear with me for now. I’ll definitely have a giveaway for international readers soon. 
* To enter this contest, you need to complete the steps listed in the Rafflecopter Widget above.  The first five steps are mandatory. Doing the other three optional steps will help in increasing your chances of winning. Tweeting daily will also increase your chances. 
* There are several people who follow just for the sake of the giveaway and then un-follow. This is simply very rude. Please dont do that or you will be blocked from entering future giveaways.
* The giveaway starts at 12am on the 9th of July (that’s at Cindrella hour tonight) and goes on for a month, till the 9th of August. I shall then verify all the entries and I hope to declare the winner around Independence Day. 
Best of luck girls 🙂 

42 Replies to “Three Birthdays And An Anniversary……And A Giveaway!!!”

  1. Paritashah26 says: Reply

    my favorite month of the year is definitely my bday month! Dec!

  2. Sayantani Dutta says: Reply

    my fav is AUGUST ! it’s a month of our Country’s Independence & also August is my birth month 🙂

  3. October is my fav 🙂 family and friends all reunite in the Pujas!

  4. I love the month of August! The birthday of the most special person in my life, my granny, falls on August 9th and we make sure that the whole family (including cousins) gathers at home atleast twice or thrice all through this month! I <3 August 😀

  5. I love the month of October coz there are two birthdays my hasbund’s and my son’s.
    And dolli I love your post specially for Indian skintone and complexion .
    Belated happy anniversary and happy birthday for three special men in your life.

  6. Surbhi Agarwal says: Reply

    I love the month of november birthday month and i loved the sweet november for the awesome weather it comes it

  7. Anamika Misra says: Reply

    July is my favourite month coz it is my birthday month and birthday month of my siblings as well as my father… plus almost all the brands are on sale at this time of the year so what better month can one love other than JULY!!! 😀 😉

  8. Kanika Jain says: Reply

    my fav month is feb as it as valentine week followed by my bday 🙂

  9. Tazyeen Firdous says: Reply

    My favourite month is February because its my Birthday Month,.. 🙂

  10. been reading your posts for quite sometime.. following it now…i loved this one esp… the pinkie owl is super cute

  11. feb ofcourse. thats becasue my baby was born on that month. 🙂 It is so obvious for a mother that everything revolves around er baby. 🙂 what say!!:)

  12. Shilpa Bindlish says: Reply

    My favr8 month of the year is October for so many reasons one may have guessed its my bday month 🙂 but the more important reason is the gorgeous weather …when i start liking the change of colour of sunlight n enjoy walking under the sun. The festivity brings a new charm to life with celebrations at my home almost every second day with loads of special dishes n sweets being prepared with mom.

  13. Anupama Eyyunni says: Reply

    My favorite month is November, as its my birth month and also bcoz i love winters as i get to do more of pink makeup.

  14. Anusha Puri says: Reply

    omg ditto we have the same me..i love july for rainy makes me feel so happy.i’ve always been fascinated with the rain.. The atmosphere become so beautiful.I like watching the rain, and studying it…Every window is more fun to look out of when there are drops of rain on it. also my birthday is on 31 july so i definately have reasons to love it 🙂 and i want to thank sorelle grapevine for introducing us to such a nice blog and thank you for this fab opportunity

  15. nia mendonza says: Reply

    my fav month is december cuz its winter my fav season and even my bday falls in dec,thnx for the giveaway

  16. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Gorgeous giveaway…congratulations on the anniversary! My favourite month has always been April – not only is it my birthday, but summer holidays – so no school/college and my cousins would visit, so we would be romping about climbing trees, coming home only for meals, more or less filthy and bruised most of the time. And did I mention mango season!!

  17. My favourite month is December, for pretty much a reason the same as yours: It’s filled with birthdays and anniversaries and celebrations of all sorts! My birthday falls on 23 December, 25th is Christmas (we don’t celebrate it but I’ve got friends who do, so I get to go to happy Christmas dinners and merriment), and then of course, there’s New Year which brings its share of Happy Hours at pubs and New Year parties all around town! 😀
    I’ve followed your blog on GFC, Bloglovin’ and subscribed to email updates.
    GFC name: ashwini p
    Bloglovin’ name: ashwini23
    Ashwini 🙂

  18. Veena Sadafule says: Reply

    My favourite month is May bcoz its summer, n i luv summer fseason the most n also summer holidays!!

    I have been following you through bloglovin if u want to know..Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    I always love your choice of beauty products! 🙂

  19. AnamKirmani says: Reply

    Happy Anniversy N Happy Birthday to all those three relatives of u 🙂
    My favorite month of the year is June…’coz my b’day falls in June .. 😀 and I think both of us agree to the fact that birthdays are quite special…. you get love,blessings ,gifts….and ossmm giveaways like this too ! <3 …….. XOXO n thanks for this amazing giveaway…Hope to win! <3

  20. happy anniversary and my fav month is Feb 🙂

  21. my favourite month is january becoz dis month is full of fun and new beginings to start in life

  22. Bhavani Sekar says: Reply

    its me bhavani sekar pls dele te dis comment dis comment

  23. Bhavani Sekar says: Reply

    My favorite month is August
    because my Birthday Celebration 🙂 Yuppieeeee am super duper excited to
    welcome my birthday also waiting for so gifts & Wishes from Parents

  24. Raje Dalu says: Reply

    My favorite month is August because my Birthday Celebration 🙂 Yuppieeeee am super duper excited to welcome my birthday also waiting for so gifts & Wishes from Parents 🙂

  25. My fav month is January , as it symbolises new beginnings, every 12 months, you have that hope to make a new beginning ! 🙂

  26. Bidisha Banerjee says: Reply

    My favorite month is August because my Birthday is on the month of August, 16th of August.

    I get new dresses, sweets, chocolates and many other gifts during this time. Also I get to see many old friends and relatives, who visit our house on my Birthday. So, it is a lovely time to spend with my near and dear ones, Also weather during this time is awesome, sometimes it rains, whereas at other times it is sunny. So, I love the month of August.

  27. Divya Asha says: Reply

    My favorite month is October because my birthday comes in that month, due to which I get new dress, chocolate cake, gifts, etc. So I love October.

  28. Congratulations!!! 🙂
    My favourite month is January. Who doesnt love a fresh start? It gives me hope and confidence every single year! 🙂 Also my parents’ anniversary falls on Jan 7th.. I love celebrating with them 🙂 <3 Also my birthday falls on 11th Jan. 😉 🙂 what is NOT to like in January ? 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  29. july because it is my birthday on the 21st and i also love summer months . thanks
    tumblemumbo at

  30. i love december coz its cold n its such a joyful month with the year ending n christmas, though im a hindu but i love the cheer of that festival 🙂

  31. Walia Angel says: Reply

    Its August because my son was born during this month 🙂 and btw many congratulations!!

  32. Prerna Sinha says: Reply

    Congrats! I love December cuz it’s winters and I love winters.

  33. Congratulations dear and awesome giveaway 🙂 So you like July huh., I like September. nice to know your fav month 🙂

  34. Get Set Blush says: Reply

    Hey Congrats.!!
    And I love February.. coz of the valentines day and also my birthday :):)

  35. Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway. My favorite month is November cause it is cold then plus its my b’day month.

  36. Farhat Sultana says: Reply

    hi congratss for such great month……congrats for ur anniversary tooo….my favt month is october as i am gonna get married in this month of this year…..thanks for the giveaway….

  37. btw i followed u earlier as justsangy now it wud show as new follower ‘Sangeetha N’ bcos i switched my email accounts…… not new around here!! just so you know 🙂

  38. younger son?? you surprised me!! 🙂
    Wish you have a wonderful year ahead… Congrats on your Anniversary again!!
    Giveaway ends exactly around my bday, so am gonna try … 😀

  39. Shikha Agarwal says: Reply

    Congrats! My fav month is August – coz it is my birth month 🙂

  40. sugandha choudhary says: Reply

    Happy anniversary and nice giveaway dear

  41. Happy Anniversary !!

    My Favorite Month is May – My B’day Month 🙂

  42. Hope you have a great month and great giveaway.:) Happy Anniversary!!

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