A Decade

A decade! 10 years! Sounds like a lot of time right? But sometimes, 10 years pass by in a blink and you wonder, has it really been 10 years???
The reason why I’m saying this is coz on Saturday, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary!! I was seeing my honeymoon album and I almost had tears in my eyes. Well, actually, that’s coz I was so much thinner in 2003, my hair was thicker and longer and my skin was flawless! Lol.

A decade brings about so many changes, doesn’t it? Since this is a beauty blog, lets just concentrate on that aspect. What are the changes that came in your skin and hair in these ten years? And the changes in your beauty routine then and your routine now? I’ll tell you about mine….
I had absolutely flawless skin a decade ago; no acne, no acne scars, no fine lines under the eyes…. Yes, I did have some dark circles, but those are genetic and nowhere close to the deep,dark ones i have now. Anyway,my skincare then was very simple and basic, just a face wash and moisturiser with SPF. A separate sunscreen only if I was on the beach or in the pool or in summers. No eye creams, no night creams, no serums, no toners, and certainly no anti-ageing products! I didn’t go for facials and clean ups then, and I don’t do so now coz it doesn’t agree with my skin.
Now, however,especially since the last 6-8 months, my skin has been behaving so weird! Not only do I have to combat the signs of ageing, I have to deal with acne and their scars too! And sun spots! So, my skincare routine has become more complex (and more expensive due to my love for premium brands) and includes serums and face masks and yes, eye creams!!! But strangely, I don’t mind the fine lines under my eyes or the laugh lines around the lips much. Those are ok…they are there coz I have laughed, smiled, squinted in the sun, basically been expressive. The pimples and their marks are the source of my annoyance.
I had long, thick, black, wavy hair and I didn’t mess around with it. Just a blow dry or ironing once a week and that’s it! And I was very religious about giving my hair an oil massage 2-3 times a week.
Once you’re a mom, though, oil massages come way down your priority list. There is hair fall, the texture becomes rough, hair starts greying so you start colouring it which adds to hair fall…..you get the picture. Anyway, that’s a small price to pay for having beautiful kids, so I can deal with that. My hair care routine hasn’t changed much except that I oil my hair once a week as opposed to 2-3 times earlier. I still don’t blow dry/iron too often and have not subjected my hair to the tortures of rebonding, smoothening, relaxing etc. Hair colour (for the greys) is my only crime.
Now this is where there are major changes! Earlier, though I loved beauty products, had a good stash and wore makeup more often than I do now, my colour choices were much safer. My makeup for a night out was usually a soft, smokey eye with n*de  shimmery lips. On a daily basis, it was just liner and gloss/lipstick and the colours for the lippie were never too old or bright. Red lips…no way!
Now however, dare to wear brighter lippies. Reds, fuchsias, vermilions, I do wear them now. And I like to play with my looks more too, though I don’t do anything too funky. I never wore bright blue eyeshadow and I don’t think I will now either. I also wear brighter blush now than I did earlier.
So, those are the changes in my beauty routine in this last decade. What about you? How has your skin/hair/beauty routine changed in the last 10 years?
I had a giveaway planned for my 10th anniversary but somehow, Rafflecopter and iPad aren’t very good friends. I tried for hours but I just couldn’t embed the Rafflecopter widget on the blog. It just wouldn’t get pasted! But fret not, the giveaway will come in a day or two. Till then, I’d love to read about the changes in your beauty routine in this decade.

11 Replies to “A Decade”

  1. Thank you so much Megha, for your wishes and the compliments 🙂

  2. Dollie that was a beautiful writeup! loved it. Actually i felt as if you are my voice and i am reading…ME. Congrats on (belated) on your anniversary.
    You are a captivating writer 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary – 10 years is a looong time !!
    Appearance wise a decade is a really long time to change , but just imagine how it would be in the next 10 years , 😉
    Time and tide stop for none.

  4. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Haha. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve inherited good genes from my parents 😉

  5. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  6. But Dollie, you look very very young. I was surprised to see you been married 10 years now 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary. your post made me feel nostalgic. 🙂

  8. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Thanks so much Poorva 🙂
    So you’re 21 right now…..gosh, that makes me feel so old…..lol.

  9. happy anniversary !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 10 yrs wow!!!keep smiling and stay happy always!!! 🙂
    i was 11 yrs old a decade back 😛

  10. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    So sweet of you to say that…thanks 🙂
    The banner pic is a couple of years old and my skin has been breaking out since the last 8 months or so 🙁

  11. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Awww this was such a lovely read. Happy anniversary to you both and I wish you many happy decades ahead! Btw I think you looked absolutely lovely then and you look absolutely lovely now. The skin in that banner photograph is flawless! I’ll show you blotchy skin if I ever feel confident enough, someday….

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