14 Things About Me

First of all, let me honestly admit that this post has been blatantly copied  inspired from Ikya’s 25 Things post. She made her post such a fun read that I too got tempted to do it. But 25 things seemed too many, so I thought I would write 10 but that seemed too few (I’m sounding like Goldilocks right? This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold…). So I decided on this ‘just right’ number 14 coz that happens to be my birthdate too. So, here goes…….

1) I LOVE to read. I mostly read fiction, can’t stand self-help, self-improvement books, not too fond of autobiographies either. I simply HAVE to read everyday, no matter how late it is at night or how tired I am. From chick lit to thrillers to mythology, I like it all but my favourite is the Mahabharata! Ironic coz I’m a “happy endings” kinda gal and the Mahabharata is anything but happy….

2) I don’t have a favourite colour. Honest. When asked, I might just say white coz I really love white but I like almost all colours, it just depends on the shade. For eg, i like some shades of yellow, buttercup, pale, lemon etc, but I just don’t like shades like ochre yellow or even mustard.
3) Though I  dont like sports (I might watch tennis or F1 sometimes), I love adventure sports. I really, really, really want to do sky diving and para gliding. Oh and I love roller-coasters too, the wilder and scarier, the better 😉
4) The monsoon is my favourite season. I love it when Mother Nature makes a fashion statement in green and grey. Only she can carry it off. Dark grey clouds playing hide and seek with lush verdant mountains……gorgeous!
5) Though I absolutely love straight hair, I haven’t yet subjected my frizzy, wavy hair to the tortures of straightening, smoothening, relaxing or rebonding. I have been seriously tempted to, though, but I’ve resisted the temptation.
6) I’m a chocoholic. And a shopaholic. And a bookaholic (ok I made up that word).
7) I’m not a very ‘neat and tidy’ person. My way of arranging/organising things can be called “organised chaos” or maybe “structured mess” coz for me, it’s organised, for others, it’s a mess. It has its advantages, I can find what I want, others can’t.
8) I keep picking at my skin…..zits, blackheads, I just can’t keep my fingers off them though I know it harms my skin and leaves behind scars. Oh, and I burst my pimples. Gros , I know and guaranteed to leave behind dark marks and scars, but I can’t help it 🙁
9) At any given point of time, there will be just 2 or max 3 fragrances in my wardrobe. I love having a signature fragrance and don’t like switching perfumes daily.
10) I love to sing along to songs though I know I sound terrible. Oh, and I’m very good with lyrics too 😉
11) I don’t know how to swim though I love lazing in the pool. I really want to learn how to swim,though part of me is scared too.
12) I’m a mountain girl. Yes, I love going to beach destinations but given a choice, I’d rather go to the majestic mountains.
13) I am terrible at time management. It could also be coz I’m quite a procrastinator. And yet, I’m very good at organising events and making sure everything is done on time for that. Yep, I’m full of contradictions.
14) I hate tattoos. It’s not only about the pain, I’ve never liked the temporary tattoos either. Neither do I like piercings. I have just my earlobes pierced (mom got that done when I was an infant) and I refused to get my nose pierced. I just wore a stick on thingie as a nose ring for my wedding.

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  1. Its a very nice post..good to know morye abt u

  2. Thats a nice post, feel like i know you now. I share the # 8 with you !!

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