Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot: A Bandage For Your Pimples

What do you do when you get pimples? Are you a good girl and never lay a finger on it? Or like me, do you get obsessed with it and keep touching, pricking and worse, even burst it? Yea, I am guilty of doing that. I know, it’s totally gross and a terrible thing to do but somehow, I simply can’t help it 🙁
As a result, all my pimples leave behind such terrible marks on my face. When I see my pictures from last year, I can’t believe how lovely my skin used to be and how terrible it is now.


It’s quite a bad pic. I don’t even know when hubby clicked it. But I love how my skin looks in this pic. It really was this nice till these horrid pimples started attacking it :(. Not even my trustworthy Vichy Normaderm Triactive could help me out. Like a brave warrior, it has been fighting the pimples but these days there are just too many eruptions and it seemed like Normaderm Triactive needed some help.

That’s when the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot came to my rescue.

 HYALUSPOT contains Hyaluronic Acid which forms a protective film on the pimple to halt bacterial superinfection while allowing the skin to breathe.
Under this thin, protective film (which is completely invisible and impalpable), the medicated active ingredients deliver their full effectiveness. 
Salicylic Acid (exfoliating and anti-inflammatory action) triggers exfoliation in cells which have accumulated in the pores, to stop inflammation. 
LHA has an exfoliating (but finer and more targeted than Salicylic Acid), anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.
The Hyaluspot comes in a white tube with a light green cap. It has a very special metal applicator with a slanted tip and a slight depression at the tip from where the product is dispensed. I am really very impressed with this applicator for two reasons. 
*Firstly, the design is such that the gel is applied directly to the raised pimple. Only the required quantity if product comes in contact with the skin and not the actual dispensing tube thus ensuring that the product does not get contaminated. 
*Secondly, the metal applicator feels cool and soothing on the skin. 
Because of this unique applicator, there is absolutely no product wastage and it is so hygienic too! LOVE this applicator! 

Vichy claims that with Hyaluspot, pimples start disappearing within 48 hours. When I got this tube, I already had three breakouts on my face, one of which was huge, painful and cystic and two which was newly formed spots. I used this treatment gel on all three twice a day and this afternoon, 48 hours after I first started using this, the two new spots are almost flattened!! I wouldn’t say that there is no mark left behind as the area is still dark but its far, far better than when it’s left untreated. The huge, cystic one is still very prominent on my face though. I guess it will take time to get that out coz it is so big. I just hope it doesn’t leave a mark behind. 
The texture of this gel is really light and it feels fresh and cool on application. It has the same mild, pleasant fragrance that all Vichy Normaderm products have. I experienced little tingling when I applied this but it didnt last long, it stopped tingling after about 20 minutes. Once dried, this gel forms a thin, transparent layer on the acne, thus forming a barrier between the pimple and external pollutants. Ok, I admit I did try peeling off that transparent layer once and it was exactly like peeling off Fevicol from the fingers. After the treatment gel has dried, you can wear your normal foundation/concealer etc over it and it won’t peel. Well, at least it didn’t for me when I applied foundation before going for a PTA meeting. 
I was already a faithful fan of the Normaderm Triactive, now I have another member from that family to love, the Hyaluspot! As soon as a nasty zit starts showing signs of popping up on my face, I’m gonna start zapping it with Hyaluspot so that it doesn’t become big and nasty and cystic. I’m sure, with these two brave soldiers by my side, I’m finally gonna get rid of the bad guys and hopefully, my skin will get back to being as nice as it used to be. 
I really loved Vichy Hyaluspot and if you’re facing acne breakouts too, I strongly recommend getting this. It won’t work super fast on existing big pimples, but will definitely nip the new ones in the bud. 
You can buy Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot from any major chemist or from Vichy’s Indian website,
You can also like their Facebook page for more updates:
PS- Product is PR sample but my views are absolutely honest and unbiased. This is an honest and accurate account of how it fared on my skin. 

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