First Blogversary Giveaway: Win A Maybelline Beauty Hamper

Indian Shringar is a year old!!! And somehow I simply can’t believe that I’ve been blogging since a year. Last August, I had just a vague idea about what a blog was but I had absolutely no idea that it was such a massive parallel universe. I’m just so glad now to be part of this beautiful blogosphere. And a huge big thanks to all you beautiful Shringaristas for your love and encouragement 🙂

Birthdays means gifts, right? So I spoke to the lovely girls at Maybelline India and they have come up with this beautiful hamper that one of you get to win. Excited?
Here’s what you can win…..
The hamper includes:
* Makeup Kit
* Mug
* Makup Brush Kit
* Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
* Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
* Cheeky Glow Blush
* Superstay 14Hr Lipstick
* Colorama Nail Polish
* Express Finish Nail Colour
It is a simple Rafflecopter giveaway (India only). Best of luck 🙂

30 Replies to “First Blogversary Giveaway: Win A Maybelline Beauty Hamper”

  1. prerna varun dhawan says: Reply

    wanttttttttttttttt to win this lovely hamper

  2. Congratsss dollie…..wish your blog more followers n more fame..good luck…i am your new follower from

    i would love to see beginners makeup tutorials ….

    thanks for the giveaway..awesome goodies..entered…wish i get lucky..

  3. Aparna Appu says: Reply

    Congrats ……
    I want to see more post about makeup

  4. Anusha Puri says: Reply

    hi ..thank you for this chance.I would love to see monthly empties..or what products you reach for everyday makeup and skin care. and ootd’s would be icing on the cake

  5. Ashma Bano says: Reply

    congrats on ur first anniversary…..
    i would like to see more reviews of eye makeup products on Indian Shringar 🙂

  6. Hi Dollie, I would like to read the reviews of more drugstore brands compared to high-end brands on Indian Shringar..

  7. Maneeta Bhansali says: Reply

    Hi Dollie, I’d like to read some product comparisons and/or product favorites post.

  8. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters says: Reply

    But why u made instagram mandatory.. I dont have an account on instagram so couldnt unlock the rest of teh entries.. 🙁 .. but glad to particpate..:)

  9. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters says: Reply

    Congrats dear..:)

  10. Fayhalicious says: Reply

    Wow, that’s a huge Maybelline giveaway 😉
    I honestly don’t know what to say. I do come across your blog from time to time and that’s mainly for makeup reviews, so yeah, write more makeup reviews! 😀

  11. congo for the frst anniversary

  12. there is not any rafflecopterf

  13. Shivani Sathi says: Reply

    Wow…Congratulations 🙂

  14. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    So sweet of you to say tht 🙂

  15. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    The Rafflecopter widget is just below the blog banner. If you’re unable to see it n your phone, try doing it from a laptop/ipad.

  16. Congratulation On ur first blog anniversary!!! way to go:)

  17. how to participate?

  18. Congrats !! Would like to participate !!
    You don’t seem like a one-year-old blogger, you sound like a total pro and someone whos been doing this for a long time 😛

  19. Jasmine Bhatia says: Reply

    Product reviews 🙂

  20. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Hey Monika, the rafflecopter widget is at the top of the page. Just login and enter all the steps 🙂

  21. Chandani Jain says: Reply

    Thank u so much 🙂

  22. Veena Sadafule says: Reply

    Congrats for the First blogvesary! Thank u for another giveaway! Love Maybelline…all entries done!

  23. Bhavani Sekar says: Reply

    I would like to see more of Nail art tutorials 🙂

  24. Vrinda Aghi says: Reply

    this is superb. Congrats

  25. Chandani Jain says: Reply

    Wat v have to do ????

  26. Anupama Eyyunni says: Reply

    I would like to see more of eye makeup tutorials 🙂

    Enter my ongoing giveaway too :

  27. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Ghayu, following on Instagram is mandatory. its very simple and you can sign up from a laptop/pc/ipad.

  28. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Hi Chandani, you have to simply fill in the rafflecopter widget above and complete all the steps mentioned.

  29. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    Its a very nice giveaway but i cant see the raffecopter form in your post!!!
    I would love to participate
    Keep in touch,

  30. Is instagram following mandatory? I don’t have instagram 🙁

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