Contents Of My October Vellvette Bag

As always, the last week of October finds me waiting for the courier guy to deliver my Vellvette bag. This month, they had not given out any teasers about the products in the bag so nobody really knew what to expect. All we knew that this month’s bag was going to be…..

      October Vellvette bag
Yes…blue. The theme this month was K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy). Ironic as now, with the wedding and festive season starting, one really doesn’t want to keep it simple, one would want to jazz it up and perhaps, even pile on the bling. Anyway….here’s what I got in my bag……
     October Vellvette bag content card
Florelle Wet & Dry Blush in Marmonized.
    Florelle Blush Vellvette bag
    Florelle blush from Vellvette bag
My first impression of this blush was that it reminded me of the MAC Mineralize Blush. The colour seems nice too. Shimmery yes, and so, apt for the festivities. I just quickly swiped the blush across my wrist to swatch it (directly from the pan, no brush used) and this is how it looks….
       Florelle blush swatch
Nice colour, nice pigmentation. Like.
Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion
     Origins Skin rejuvenating treatment lotion from Vellvette bag
Whew! Why can’t they just write toner? I’ve never understood why some brands need to give their products long winding names. Do they feel they need long names to justify the heavy price tag? Anyway, that’s besides the point….
This toner is supposed to help keep the skin hydrated for longer and help improve the appearance of damaged skin. Sounds promising. And I’ve been wanting to try out Origins since quite some time. The size of the sample could have been better though. Clarins gives out the same sized toner samples for free. I should be able to get a week’s use out of this so, Like.
Vantiv Moisturizing Shampoo + Refreshing Lemon Shower Gel
     Vantiv shampoo and shower gel
Would we like it if Vellvette started giving us samples from some random, unknown Indian brand? ”  This is what I had written in my review of the September Anniversary Bag (read full review here ). 
My answer, nope, I wouldn’t, unless that brand was a premium or organic one like say Forest Essentials. Products from an unheard of Indian brand containing SLS, even though they are full-sized products, that don’t impress me much. 
      Vantiv shower gel from Vellvette bag
      Vantiv shampoo from Vellvette bag
The product card says “Vantiv is a fast growing professional care brand that stands for affordable luxury” but even my friend who is a professional beauty therapist and has her own salon hasn’t heard of this. (Btw, I have always felt that “affordable luxury” is quite an oxymoron…what say?)
From organic Brocato, which was really nice, in an earlier bag to this shampoo, I feel is a step down for Vellvette. Perhaps I’m a snob but I’m not sure I want to use this. I’ll give the shower gel a shot though it’s artificial lemon fragrance reminds me of the Lizol we use for mopping floors. Dislike. 
Those were the contents of my October Vellvette bag. What do you think of them? What did you get in yours? Do let me know in the comments.

17 Replies to “Contents Of My October Vellvette Bag”

  1. I got hair product for 3rd time, I have even opened earlier two. I was happy about full size products but pouch material and color is disappointing.

  2. The quality of this bag is a bit better than the polka one. The blush seems nice when swatched, dunno how it will look when applied on cheeks.

  3. Nice products – I loved the polka dot bag more than this one 😀
    The blush is show stopper – Looks a good one 😉

  4. Totally agree. But I read reactions of girls who are thrilled with the full sized products 😐

  5. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    Yup..its really sad, very disappointing infact to see beauty boxes like this in India…I wished tehy maintained the concept that initially brought beauty boxes in picture….

  6. Nina Pandey says: Reply

    same with me Dollie, did not liked the products, would have liked something better even if in less quantities

  7. Yup….but it’s so sad na. I was hoping for better stuff.

  8. Trust you to hit the nail on the head…lol.

  9. You’re lucky you shifted there. You have so many options to choose from, including Eco-friendly and organic boxes. I was really hoping they improve. But you should see other girls raving about these products on twitter n fb.

  10. Divya Yadav says: Reply

    I gave up on boxes long time back. Initially the rush and mystery of the box was fun, but later it became too boring same shimmer blushes, weird toners etc… and no actually luxury. I am planning to subscribe in US… lets see.

  11. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    If it’s affordable it isn’t a luxury. And no, it isn’t snobbish at all to love luxury!

  12. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    Loved the blush but I totally agree about the other two products….The idea of Beauty Boxes is to tryof Premium Brands or luxurious brands & test whether they will suit your needs…The idea seems to be getting lost somehow

  13. Will surely review it once I use it 🙂

  14. rachna sharma says: Reply

    hey do review this origins stuff!

  15. The full sized products might placate a lot of their subscribers, but my main reason for subscribing to a beauty box/bag is to try out premium brands before shelling out thousands of bucks on a product that might not suit my skin. I don’t want full-sized products from any random brands just to bulk up my bag.

  16. corallista says: Reply

    Hey Dollie, I got my bag today too with the same contents. I totally agree with you about the last 2 products. Never heard of this brand and the HUGE sizes definitely imply that its not a luxury product. It just reminds me of the random brands you can find in shops like Beauty Center and Beauty Palace. The shower gel reminds me of my dishwashing soap 😐 not happy!

  17. tinysmallwonders says: Reply

    Vellvette guys are definitely not listening ..all these last few months they are giving unheard brands/sample sizes arousing widened discontent !
    Blush ‘looks” good..but all other products are truly a miss…

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