YSL Cinéma Sparkling EDP Truly Makes Me Feel Red-Carpet Glamorous

There are some fragrances that I keep coming back to irrespective of new launches in the market. Perhaps it is because I find that these fragrances have a unique and distinctive aroma, or maybe they’ve become part of my personality, kinda like my signature scent. Burberry Weekend is one such perfume and YSL Cinéma is another such perfume. 

YSL Cinema Sparkling EDP

       YSL Ciname EDPYSL Ciname EDP

You must have seen the picture of this fragrance in my last month’s haul post here. I’ve been using the YSL Cinéma perfume since it was launched in 2007. 

Here’s what YSL says about this perfume:
Glamorous, seductive, startling. Cinéma, a floral sophisticated and original enough for a starring role. Morning blooms open in a fresh accord, shimmering with cyclamen, almond and Clementine. Middle notes of amaryllis and Sambac jasmine then lead the way to depth and mystery, where amber, white musk and vanilla take a brilliant turn. Set-lighting-inspired crystal flacon with gold stopper.
       YSL Cinema EDP YSL Cinema EDP
Recently, I was on the hunt for a new perfume for the evening, something sultry and Glamourous like Cinéma and Ralph Lauren’s Glamorous (which was my FAVOURITE evening perfume but sadly it is discontinued) when I saw the Collector’s Edition bottle at Parcos and I ditched my hunt and bought this one. What makes the Collector’s Edition EDP different from the normal EDP (Eau de Parfum) is that this one is sparkly and shimmery! There’s a lot of gold micro-shimmer in this perfume that gives a delicately shimmery look to your skin on your special night out. 

I don’t know if you can make out the gold micro-shimmer on my wrist but when you spray it on, say your décolletage, it definitely adds a glowy shimmer 😉

The fragrance fruity-floral-musky blend is very sensual but not in-your-face kind of strong. Nor is it headache-inducing, though that is a very subjective thing. At least, my sis-in-law who gets instand headaches with strong fragrances doesn’t get one with this. The first whiff of the fragrance gives a fruity-floral aroma while the base notes smell more musky.
Cinéma has decent sillage, good enough to let your presence be felt in a car or an elevator but not so much that your fragrance enters the room before you. It also lasts really long and hence is my favourite choice for weddings, events, and nights out. Now of course, in this shimmery avatar, I like it more than ever coz it makes me feel so very glamourous 😉
    YSL Cinema EDP bottle

The packaging is classy and chic with neat, simple lines. The flacon is rectangular with Yves Sant Laurent embossed on the rear among horizontal lines and Cinéma printed in front of the bottle. It has a golden stopper with YSL embossed on it. 

    YSL Cinema EDP

I don’t remember the exact price of this perfume. I can’t even find my bill and charge slip but it was around 4000 plus for this 50ml bottle. 

If you like sultry fragrances, you must try Cinéma. Though I’m not too sure of the availability of the Collectors Edition. Since this shimmery fragrance is limited edition, it might just be sold out. Try your luck though. 
Oh, and before I forget, let me tell you about this new feature I shall be introducing soon on the blog. It’s called “Coffie with Dollie” where I shall “interview” some blogging celebs, brand heads etc. wish me luck for that 🙂

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  1. The fragrance is lovely too 🙂

  2. Don’t know if you would get the collectors edition, but do try this perfume, it’s very nice 🙂

  3. Thanks Rachna 🙂

  4. It smells lovely. Take a whiff if you can.

  5. wow such a pretty bottle ! Me want !

  6. rakhshanda says: Reply

    Looks great!! Would love to give it a try 🙂

  7. rachna sharma says: Reply

    sounds good and all the best for the new feature on the blog!

  8. I can smell divine 😉

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