Glossy Stain Face Off: YSL Vernis A Levres vs L’Oreal Shine Caresse

You have all read my raves and my love for the YSL Vernis A Levres glossy stains which are really long lasting, feather-light lip glosses. (In case you’ve missed those posts, I have reviewed Corail Aquatique here and Corail Fauve here.) Today, when I received the new L’Oreal Shine Caresse lipglosses and I swatched them, I went […]

YSL Cinéma Sparkling EDP Truly Makes Me Feel Red-Carpet Glamorous

There are some fragrances that I keep coming back to irrespective of new launches in the market. Perhaps it is because I find that these fragrances have a unique and distinctive aroma, or maybe they’ve become part of my personality, kinda like my signature scent. Burberry Weekend is one such perfume and YSL Cinéma is another […]

My First Denim Blue Polish – YSL La Laque Couture 17 Bleu Cobalt

        There are times when you’re just browsing the net out of sheer boredom, doing the online version of window shopping, when something catches your eye. Something that’s so not what you’d normally wear/apply and yet it looks so alluring that you simply can’t help whipping out your credit card and buying […]