My First Denim Blue Polish – YSL La Laque Couture 17 Bleu Cobalt

There are times when you’re just browsing the net out of sheer boredom, doing the online version of window shopping, when something catches your eye. Something that’s so not what you’d normally wear/apply and yet it looks so alluring that you simply can’t help whipping out your credit card and buying it. That’s how I ended up buying YSL La Laque Couture in Bleu Cobalt from eBay a few months ago. And today is actually the first time that I dug it out from my makeup drawer and wore it!!!

Though the name is cobalt blue, the colour is actually a deep, dark, indigo blue.  In the bottle, the colour appears to have very fine shimmer but the shimmer doesn’t show up on the nails at all. In fact, it  gives a lovely, creamy, shiny, lacquer finish…and that too in just one coat! Total opacity and no visible nail line in just one coat!!! The brush is also lovely, not too thick, not too thin, just perfect to give a neat finish. Can’t say anything about wear time coz I applied it today so will update later.
This is not really my kind of colour and i dont know why i bought it. i still cant make up my mind whether I like it on my nails or not. I feel it’s too dark and goth but my boys told me to leave it on coz then I can be Blue Power Ranger!!! “And mama, it matches with your jeans”….

The YSL La Laque Couture bottles have a beautiful golden cap with YSL embossed in red on it. I bought my polish from eBay and the seller (not disclosing the name) sent me this bottle with the black fluted cap which I believe is a tester bottle. It was, however, unused, so I have no complaints. I paid $16 for this bottle inclusive of shipping. They are also available at YSL counters in several Shoppers Stop stores but I don’t know the price.

While the quality and finish of these polishes are excellent, I doubt I’ll be buying more of them (though 8 definitely am very tempted to) coz they are simply too expensive. Bourjois has equally good polishes with nice colour options. And I still haven’t tried out Essie and China Glaze all of which cost far less than YSL.
What do you think about the colour? Should I keep it on or remove it?

6 Replies to “My First Denim Blue Polish – YSL La Laque Couture 17 Bleu Cobalt”

  1. This is my current fav colour !!

  2. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Thanks 🙂 keepin it on to see how long b4 it chips.

  3. You should keep it! It looks beautiful on you.:)

  4. Beautiful shade .. You got pretty nails dear 🙂

  5. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    Thanks 🙂

  6. sugandha choudhary says: Reply

    Oh keep it on girl! Thats a pretty shade.loved it.

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