Indulge and De-stress On a Busy Day With Spa On Wheels

A couple of months ago, I had written about the Four Fountains Spa, a chain of spas that offer luxury spa therapies at rates that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. (Read that post here.) They have now come up with a new concept, Spa On Wheels, which is exactly what it’s name suggets, a mobile spa.


Inspired by the Palace on Wheels and the uber luxurious celebrity vanity vans, now get your favourite foot spa therapies inside our exclusively customized spa van at the convenience of your doorstep or while commuting within the city. Live like a celebrity and get pampered by our trained and experienced therapists. 

In a city like Mumbai, where the pace of life never slows down, and you’re rushing from one place to another, there are moments, when you’re travelling, say from Sobo to the suburbs and you wish that you could use the travel time to de-stress a bit. That is exactly what the Spa on Wheels does. 
Last week has been crazy hectic for me which is why I’ve been so irregular with my blog posts too. My feet were aching terribly and nothing sounded more appealing than calling the Spa on Wheels for a foot massage. 

The modified interiors of this van are very tastefully done up in shades of beiges and browns and there’s soothing instrumental music playing like in all spas. There is also a small washroom in the back of the van. On entering the van, you’re asked to remove your footwear and are given a pair of cane slippers to wear.

I had opted for the Traditional Thai Foot and Back Massage with Foot Scrub. However, they didnt hot water that day as “the heater isn’t working madam” ( don’t know whether they use an electric kettle to heat water or they have a geyser in the washroom). The therapist asked if she could use normal (read cold) water for soaking the feet and honestly, I was shocked at this suggestion. In the Mumbai monsoons, I certainly didn’t want cold water! Thankfully, we were in my building car park and I asked my maid to get hot water down to the van.
The massage started with soaking the feet in warm water followed by a foot scrub. The therapist used a sugar based scrub. After the scrub was thoroughly massaged and rinsed off, oil was slathered on my feet and for the next half an hour, my feet and legs were nicely massaged with just the right amount of pressure.  They were then wiped with a towel and finally, lightly dusted with talc. The spa experience ended with a gentle shoulder and back massage.
The whole experience (excepting the hot water incident) was quite refreshing. Personally, however, I would prefer to go to a spa and get a full body scrub/massage done in the same amount of time. While they have put in full efforts to recreate a spa-like ambience in a van, and it is really nicely done, you cant compare it with a proper spa. I would prefer to go to the Four Fountains Spa in Bandra rather than call the Spa On Wheels. However, for those who are pressed for time and whose only spare time is between meetings while commuting Bombay traffic, Spa on Wheels is a very good option.
The services are priced slightly higher than the average foot spas, but then you also get door-to-door service. The therapy that I opted for is priced at Rs. 1699. They also have a loyalty program. For more details, visit
Disclaimer: I was invited to try out a complimentary spa therapy. However, my opinions of the spa are totally honest and unbiased. 

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  1. Spa in wheels is a great concept!! I will agree it can’t be compared to the actual spa.

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