Cruelty-Free Body Mists From Ital Veloce

I’ve always been fond of body mists from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works but their availability in India is a big issue. Rather, I should say non-availability. So, when I heard about Ital Veloce, I was quite eager to try them out. Especially since their body mists are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian.
                                      Cruelty-free body mists from Ital Veloce

About the brand Ital Veloce (pronounced I-Tal Veloshe)

Ital means oneness with nature. Veloce comes from “velocity” that indicates speed. The name Ital Veloce, hence signifies oneness with nature in today’s speeding times. 
Ital Veloce is strongly against animal testing. Our customers can be very sure that the products reaching them have not been tried and tested on animals.
Safety testing at Ital Veloce has always been performed on volunteers.
All the products manufactured by Ital Veloce are 100% vegetarian. None of the ingredients derived from animals contribute to the making of our products. Including, ingredients like civet and even musk. Which are important and popular ingredients in fragrances.
Environment care is one of Ital Veloce’s core values. We change the way others around our customers breathe with our natural products and ensure the same for the factory employees. Therefore our manufacturing unit in Silvassa sees 0% emission.
A lot of ingredients go into making our products but we ensure all of them are used correctly and none of them are wasted.
To check out the entire range of fragrances, visit the website
                                 Cruelty-Free fragrance body mists from Ital Veloce

Strawberry Champagne

Sweet & Exhilarating mingles with Flirtatious & Enticing!
Spray on our most irresistible fragrance, a spellbinding swirl of strawberry and sparkling champagne, for an indulgent and intimate fragrance that lasts long.
It is confident to satisfy your sweet & saucy sides.
A fruity-floral, fresh fragrance, it smells exactly like my favourite body mist from Victoria’s Secret, Strawberries and Champagne. I have used the VS Garden Collection Strawberries and Champagne shower gel, body lotion and body mist but unfortunately t has now been discontinued. I am so glad that I have found an Indian replacement for it now. 
Initially, when you spritz it, you get a burst of fruity fragrance that has a little zest to it too. It then mellows down to a softer floral tinged with berry fragrance. I wish, like photos and videos, one could experience fragrance online too but technology hasn’t advanced that much yet 🙁
Like all body mists, the fragrance of this body mist too, is not very long lasting. I need to spritz it again after around 3-4 hours. It lasts quite a bit longer when sprayed lightly on the clothes as well as on the pulse points of the body. 
I really like this fragrance a lot and love wearing it everyday while I’m at home.
Strawberry Champagne cruelty-free body mist from Ital Veloce

Lilac Vanilla

The caress of Lilacs is purely magical!
Ital veloce brings to you its most delicate, feminine & intimate fragrance extracted from the buds of lilacs, with a kiss of warm vanilla.
As you spray lavishly for an ultra seductive and a long lasting fragrance we promise you this will make you feel effortlessly graceful and timelessly beautiful.
Honestly, this fragrance didn’t appeal to me. It is a very mild, barely there fragrance and I prefer my fragrances to be stronger, more intense kind. If you like mild fragrances, then this one could be for you. 
There is a gentle lilac fragrance in this but I couldn’t smell any note of vanilla, neither initially, nor later when it settles down. 
Lilac Vanilla cruelty-free body mist from Ital Veloce

Price and availability

These body mists come in 210ml spray bottles and are priced at Rs. 499. The price is quite reasonable for the quantity you get. I have been using the Strawberry Champagne one 2-3 times a day since a week and the bottle hasn’t even reached the 3/4th mark yet. Personally, I prefer to use these kind of body sprays rather than deos which have aluminum crystals and come in aerosol cans. 
Currently, Ital Veloce body mists are available at select retailers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai but you can also purchase them online at Their website, also has a store locator. 
Two fragrances from their collection that I’m surely going to try are “Orange Blossom and Orchid” and “Apple Cinnamon”. I have a feeling I’m going to like them both. 
Have you tried out these cruelty-free body mists from Ital Veloce? 
PS- Product sent by PR. My opinion is honest and unbiased as always.

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  1. Me too love the packaging!

  2. these look good 🙂

  3. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I am a big fan of body mists , nice that its crualety free.. Strawberry chapman excites me, will check it out now
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  4. rachna sharma says: Reply

    i like the packaging!

  5. bhumika_t says: Reply

    They sound amazingg..both quite intriguing..

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