Super Quick Shimmery Smoky Eyes With Lancôme Magic Voyage Palette

You have a party to attend, the kids are refusing to sleep and the clock is ticking. You have to make sure the kids are fast asleep before you start slapping on the makeup on your face because God help you if either sees you getting ready and realises that Mom and Dad are going out without them!!! So, you’re short of time and you want to do a shimmery, smoky eye…reach out for the Lancôme Magic Voyage Travel Lip and Eye Palette and using just two eyeshadows, you get party ready. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself….
Lancôme Magic Voyage Lip and Eye Travel Palette
Eyeshadows for shimmery, smokey eye makeup in the Lancôme Magic Voyage
This is the Lancôme Magic Voyage Lip and Eye Palette that I had bought from Hong Kong (read about it here) and I used just the silver and the dark grey shadows to create this look. I love Lancôme eye shadows (like I do almost all other Lancôme makeup) because the texture is silky smooth, they have great pigmentation, almost zero fall out, last long and don’t crease. Whew! What’s not to love?
Shimmery, smokey eye makeup steps.
Step 1 – Apply the silver shadow all over the lid. Also add a thin line to the lower lash line.
Step 2 – Darken the outer corner and crease with the dark grey shadow. Go as dark as you dare. You’re in a hurry so there’s no time to do elaborate contouring etc.
The picture between 2 and 3 is what your eye will look like.
Step 3 – Line your eyes with whichever liner comes into your hands first. In my case, it happened to be Bourjois Smokey eye pencil in black which isn’t a very dark black. Thank God and your genes that you don’t need to tamper with your brows. Apply mascara and you’re done!!
Silver shimmery, smokey eye makeup using Lancôme Magic Voyage palette
Yes, the inner corners of the eyes aren’t well done and neither is the concealer but then, those things aren’t very noticeable in a night club, are they? Besides, there’s no fall out!!! And look at the sheen of the shadows.
Color Design lipsticks in the Lancôme Magic Voyage palette
With such a shimmery, smoky eye, the lips of course, need to be kept light and so I wore the peachy-beige Color Design lipstick from the palette. It is a beautiful MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. Blush/bronzer are “If time permits” optionals.
Wear the lacy sequined top, the black ultra skinny denims that make you look 5 kgs thinner and killer heals and you’re ready to rock girl!
Shimmery, smokey eye makeup, final look.
Shimmery, smokey eye makeup using eyeshadows from Lancôme Magic Voyage palette

It took me less time to do this makeup than it did to write this post! I know this kind of shimmery, smoky eye makeup isn’t going to get you awards or get people raving, but hey, it is super quick, not messy (no fallout you see) and looks nice. And since I was in a hurry, I took quick pictures on the ipad in the yellow lights which is why there is this glare and my face looks a bit flat. The product pictures however,  were taken the next day in daylight.

You can do this quick shimmery, smoky eye with any two eyeshadow colours. My personal favourites are the Lancôme ones and I’ve already told you why.

What do you think of this look?

18 Replies to “Super Quick Shimmery Smoky Eyes With Lancôme Magic Voyage Palette”

  1. Thanks so much Vipra 🙂

  2. Thanks Niesha 🙂 I wish I could take as sharp, clear pics as you do.

  3. Thanks Rachna 🙂

  4. rachna sharma says: Reply

    the palette as well as the eye makeup looks great….

  5. Sangeeta G says: Reply

    The shimmery look is amazing. Very nice.

  6. Great Tutorial Hun 🙂 .. Its easy and at the same time looks stunning 🙂 .. Beautifully done and well explained 🙂
    Gorgeous EOTD <3

  7. Meghamadhulika says: Reply

    that was a minute kind of makeup..loved it. BTW where can i get this palette and at what price?

  8. The palette is lovely. And I love the quality of the shadows.

  9. Thanks. And its so quick too 😉

  10. Will use more of thr dark grey next time. Will also do a look with the brown and taupe shadows soon too.

  11. I loved it!! 🙂 silver and black makes a great combination for the night time smokey eyes.

  12. nice party eye makeup.. palette looks pretty

  13. Cosmochics says: Reply

    I liked the look! the shade on the yes with the light lip shades go well! 🙂

  14. lippies look lovely!! love the smokey look but i personally feel dark colors would compliment your eyes and skin tone… *-*

  15. I love the look

  16. Well, great minds do think alike you know 😉
    I love Lancome eye shadows. Not just this palette, I have another mini palette which was actually a GWP but i bought it from strawberrynet (i bought two of those and one was the prize in my first giveaway) and the shadows in that are gorgeous too.

  17. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Oooh the magic palette has a more versatile set of eyeshadows than Absolu Voyage. Argh! But the lippies are more pigmented, I suppose, so can’t crib much. Coincidentally, we both ended up talking about Lancome’s Voyage palettes at the same time haha! (Make a wish)

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