Organic Bath & Body Products For Kids

Every since I’ve become a mother, I’ve been on a quest to find chemical-free, gentle bath products for kids. Sometimes, I ask family and friends to get them for me from abroad but that isn’t possible every time. I bought imported products but some had SLS, some had parabens…and if I found some good product, then availability would sometimes be an issue. In winter, especially I wanted stuff that wouldn’t dry out the kids skin. It is a challenge for me to get them to stand still while I apply body butter/lotion on them.

I’m sure a lot of you must have also gone through this. I was so glad when I “discovered” chemical-free, organic (mostly) bath and body products that were gentle on the skin, didn’t dry it out, that my boys liked….and that were made in India. Read on to know more……
                       Some organic bath and body products for kids


Organic soap for Kids: Gia Bath and Body Works Oatmeal Milk Cream
      Organic soap for kids: Gia Bath and Body Oatmeal milk cream
Do you remember me raving about the L’Occitane Shea Butter Shower Cream last year (read here) for it’s creamy lather and soft fragrance and of course, for the fact that it didn’t dry out the boys’ skin? Well, this Oatmeal Milk Cream Soap from Gia Bath and Body Works is the bar version of that shower cream. A better version, may I add because this soap is pure organic without sulphates and parabens!
It feels really creamy and doesnt dry out the kids’ skin. The fragrance too, is very mild and gentle and even boys won’t have any qualms about it. Now, if only Gayatri can make this into a shower cream like the L’Occitane one, I would be very happy coz I’m not much of a soap person.
Price: Rs. 250


Gia Bath and Body works pineapple shower gel
Okay, this product isn’t totally organic, but it definitely is gentle and chemical free which is why I have included it in this post. My sons totally loved the “I Love…” shower gels (read post here), so it comes as no surprise that they love this one too. Both, the L’Occitane and I Love shower gels contain SLS but this one doesn’t AND it smells exactly like pineapple squash. They have been pestering me to get more “flavours” in this shower gel as they like choosing their flavour for the morning and evening showers.
Price: Rs 200 for 100ml and Rs. 350 for 200ml.


Rustic Art Organic Baby Soap
Packaging Rustic Art Organic Baby Soap
I didn’t take a picture of the actual soap because, looks-wise, it looks just like the Gia soap, a simple cream soap. So, I thought why not show you the packaging? The soap is wrapped in Rustic Art tissue and then, wrapped in cloth! This organic soap has a very mild blueberry fragrance and is, of course, very gentle on the child’s skin and Ph-neutral! A wonderful product, not just for children, but, as the name suggests, for babies too. And my skin really liked it as well.
Price: Rs. 155


Rustic Art Organic Blueberry Baby Wash
Rustic Art Organic Blueberry baby Wash Ingredients
My FAVOURITE of the entire lot. Not the kids’ favourite, but mine. Because I make it a point to try out all these products, even those meant for kids. And while the boys just adore the Gia Pineapple Shower Gel, I love this one as it is the mildest! Even though winter has just started and there’s dryness in the air, I don’t feel the need to apply body lotion after bathing with this. But I’m talking of Bombay winters which are really mild, so anywhere colder or drier and you would need a lotion/butter. The mild fragrance is really soothing too and the texture is thick and like a gel-creme.
Price: Rs. 450


Rustic Art Organic Blueberry Body Lotion
Rustic Art Organic Blueberry Baby Lotion Ingredients.

No synthetic ingredients, no parabens, no sulfates, phthalates and artificial fragrance, this body lotion is light and non-greasy. However, it does take a little bit of massaging to get it absorbed into the skin. Personally, I am not too fond of the fragrance as I find it a bit too powdery-floral. It is a very good product for the delicate skin of children and isn’t too heavy for them.
Price: Rs. 550


Rustic Art Organic Baby massage Oil
Rustic Art Organic Baby Massage Oil Ingredients

A combination of organic oils with a delightful and mild green apple fragrance…I wish this oil was launched earlier so that I could have used this for massaging the boys. Anyway, I did manage to rub this on my younger son and was pleased to see that it got absorbed quite well into the skin. It didn’t feel thick and greasy at all. It is a good alternative to creams and body butters for winter.
Price: Rs. 250

Please pardon all the shadows and irregular light in the pictures. I have been advised to have total bed rest because of my spondylosis and I tried to take pictures as and when I could. In fact, I am still not allowed to work with the laptop/ipad as I could end up aggravating the problem, but there are so many posts that I want to share with you, so I just sat and wrote this super-quickly.

Anyway, getting back to the Organic bath and body products for kids, I have using all these products on a rotation since three weeks and I have to say that I am very impressed. My favourites of the lot are Gia’s Oatmeal Milk Cream Soap and the Rustic Art Shower Gel. My kids love the Gia Pineapple Shower Gel the most. These are truly, very good products, not just skin-friendly, but also eco-friendly too, and you don’t need to have children to buy these, they would work fabulously on adults as well 😉

You can get in touch with Gayatri for Gia Bath and Body Works products on her Facebook page here:

For Rustic Art products, you can visit their website:

Of course, it goes without saying that these products aren’t tested on animals and are totally cruelty-free. Besides loving your skin, they love the environment too. There aren’t many such cruelty-free, eco-friendly brands available in India and I’m certainly glad to see this niche slowly, but surely, getting filled. What do you think?

PS- Products sent by brand. Review is honest and absolutely unbiased.

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    The skin is the human body’s largest living organ. Its primary purpose is to protect the rest of the body. Millions of tiny openings, called pores, allow oil, called sebum, to reach the skin’s surface and keep it healthy and moisturized. These pores also allow dead skin cells to reach the skin’s surface and be sloughed off. It’s a perfect system; the skin is constantly renewing itself

  2. I think you will like them 🙂

  3. They are really nice 🙂

  4. They are very gentle…you’ll like them 🙂

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    Have to try them now. I like organics. 🙂

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    i see gia products everywhere will try in future!

  7. Good to know that they are organic. I am going to try Gia products soon.

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