Why The Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste Is A Must Have Weekly Indulgent Ritual.

When I was studying Ancient Indian Culture in college, I was deeply fascinated with the importance given to one’s daily grooming. Special pastes were made for cleaning the teeth, the face, the body, the hair. Fragrant incense was made which was then fumigated over the garments to scent them….oh, how I longed to get hold of some of those recipes. And more importantly, to have that kind of an indulgent ritual, if not daily, then at least weekly, but without the hassle and mess of grinding and mixing all the various ingredients. Forest Essentials seems to have read my mind because it has just the product I want, the Rupam Extra Rich Body Cleansing Paste which has pistachio, orange peel and fresh jaggery.

      Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste

Here’s what Forest Essentials says about the Rupam Body Cleansing Paste:
A deep cleanser for the body, this combines the benefits of sweet almond oil along with nutritious kokum butter that leave essential nutrients and vitamins for the skin to absorb. Organic oils, herbs, sea salt and jaggery uniquely blended to gently cleanse your skin without depleting its natural moisture levels. Freshly ground orange peel and black sesame paste gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, adding sheen to the skin and leaving it with a natural glow.
      Forest Essentials Rupam outer packaging

     Forest Essentials Rupam price and ingredients
The Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste comes in a plastic tub with a gold lid. Though the tub is plastic, the entire packaging looks and feels very luxe. I know the tub packaging can be unhygienic but I can’t imagine this product being packaged in a tube. You will understand why I feel that when I tell you more about the texture. But I don’t mind the tub because the SA at Forest Essentials gave me a beautiful wooden spatula (looks more like a dessert spoon- wish I had thought to take a picture of that too) to scoop out the product.
      Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste texture

I wish technology allowed us to share fragrances along with the pictures. Because the fragrance of Rupam Body Cleansing Paste is exactly how I would imagine the ancient beauty pastes to smell. One whiff of this and I can imagine the famous courtesan Amrapali being massaged with this to make her skin soft and smooth and glowing.

The fragrance is very mild and totally natural. Like something you would experience at Taj Jiva spa. If I had to describe it, I would say it has an earthy sweetness to it. Like the gentle fragrance of a mithai being made with the purest of ingredients. Not everyone might like it, but to me, it is calming and indulgent.
And now for the texture. Take a look at this picture….
     Forest Essentials Rupam texture swatch

Doesn’t it look like I have a bit of “Badam ka sheera” on my hand? That is exactly how the texture is, thick, soft, gooey with a little abrasion that comes from the crushed nuts. You would be forgiven for trying to attack it with a spoon because even in the pot, it looks exactly like sheera or halwa. It is exfoliating but not harsh and abrasive.

       Forest Essentials Rupam texture when massaged.

I prefer to rinse off the Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste with just water and it leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. I don’t even need to apply a body lotion after it in the Bombay weather. Perhaps I would need to in drier, colder climates though.

A body scrub at any good spa costs well over ₹2000 and if you go to any of the high end spas like Jiva, Kayakalp etc, be prepared to shell out above ₹5000. And that is for one session. As compared to that the price tag of ₹1975 for 200gms seems very affordable. I have used this Body Cleansing Paste three times and you can see how much product is still left. Another 4-5 uses at least (I use it once a week) Definitely very good value for money!
The Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste is one of the best products I have discovered in 2013. It has won the Best Body Scrub award at the Elle Beauty Awards 2013 and I feel that the award is truly well deserved. Love it and highly recommend it.
By the way, have you seen the Forest Essentials 2012 commercial “Beautiful Things Make Beautiful Things”? It is fabulously shot and transports me to ancient India. Have a look…..

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  1. Looks great, I am definitely trying this soon!

  2. Looks a great product, I haven’t tried it yet but would love to 😉

  3. Sony Mansoori says: Reply

    Looks nice

  4. Sthitha Pragna says: Reply

    Look Nice,

    Will try it soon


  5. Looks a real impressive product 🙂 Nice review dear 🙂

  6. FE here I come!!!!

  7. Esha Gupta says: Reply

    Dollie, this does look like badaam sheera 😀 😀 I so agree with you, wish we could share fragrances too..lol
    I saw this commercial long back.. love FE myself!! Yet to lay my hands on this beauty though.. getting it soon 🙂

  8. Oh I’m sold! Quite liking FE products these days. Will definitely check this out 🙂

  9. They have some wonderful products. love their Aloe range that they have created exclusively for Taj hotels.

  10. I graduated in Ancient Indian Culture…six papers. You want fiction books?

  11. Try the texture at the store….you’ll really like it.

  12. It makes my skin feel incredible too 🙂

  13. You wont regret buying this. It’s an award winner too!

  14. Thanks. The product is very good 🙂

  15. Thanks. Try it on ur hands at the store.

  16. It is wonderful 🙂

  17. Thanks :). It really is a fab product.

  18. Dr_philamazan says: Reply

    i use their hair oil and im tempted to try other things too…
    will add this to my list

  19. you read about Ancient India? do you mind suggesting few books? nice review. i will try it soon 🙂 #bsp

  20. Divya Pandey says: Reply

    I so want it. 🙂 #BSP

  21. wow it looks and sounds incredible. lovely review

  22. Tarannum Manjul says: Reply

    wow dollie… looks enticing and tempting… good review… #bsp

  23. Nice Review Dollie .. I have to say I’m tempted to get this one 🙂 #BSP

  24. Radha Krishnakumar says: Reply

    Nice Review 🙂

  25. i so wanted to try dis but didnt find any review on it.. u have awesomely reviewed..am gonna get dis soon 😀

  26. Cosmochics says: Reply

    wow the way u described tempted me a lot! its already on my wish list now:)
    lovely write up!

  27. I have this one, got as a gift. Its smell good and looks delicious. Leave skin shining and clean. Bit expensive however beautiful skin comes at a price

  28. Which cleanser do you use? I use the kashmiri saffron one. Havent tried the youth formula though. Is it good?

  29. Anusha Puri says: Reply

    I will buy it next time.Yesterday i was at the FE store i picked up delicate cleanser,eternal youth formula and body shower

  30. I think they do ship internationally. Check out their website.

  31. rachna sharma says: Reply

    I have never tried FE products, but vl definitely pickup few now!

  32. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I have never tried it but will get it next time I go out
    Have a great week

  33. It does seem like a nice product.


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