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Gia Bath and Body Works

Had Gayatri Brown, the lady behind the brand Gia Bath And Body Works, been a student at Hogwarts, she would have undoubtedly been Professor Snape’s favourite student in Potions. Because honestly, her body butters, body washes, body polishes and all other deliciously scented concoctions are nothing short of magic! I have used some of her products […]

Why The Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste Is A Must Have Weekly Indulgent Ritual.

When I was studying Ancient Indian Culture in college, I was deeply fascinated with the importance given to one’s daily grooming. Special pastes were made for cleaning the teeth, the face, the body, the hair. Fragrant incense was made which was then fumigated over the garments to scent them….oh, how I longed to get hold […]