Tvam Apricot and Walnut Scrub and Body Polisher Review

I love using body scrubs and they are part of my Sunday pampering ritual (and once mid-week too, if I have the time). Most of the times, I make my own body scrub using ingredients from the kitchen but sometimes, I come across a scrub that really delights me and my skin. The Tvam Apricot and Walnut Scrub is one such product.

Tvam Body Scrub was part of my May Vellvette box. It is a thick, rich, creamy (does it sound like I’m talking of some dessert…lol) non-foaming scrub with minute scrub granules. The scrub particles are quite fine but not so much that they are non-effective. They aren’t abrasive but just right to provide good exfoliation. In fact,I found it gentle enough to use on my face as well. I used it on my chin, nose and forehead avoiding the cheeks coz I have one active acne there.

Once I rinsed it off with water, my skin actually felt like silk! Sooooo soft and smooth and silky. Because it also has aloe vera, wheat oil, almond oil, kokum butter and glycerine, I did not need to apply any body lotion after using this. I love the way my skin felt after using this.
The only drawback with this product is its strong, artificial fragrance. It smells like Axe or Park Avenue or one of those masculine deos! Why would a girl want a product that smells like a man’s deo??? Thankfully the fragrance doesn’t last too long but I sincerely wish they would re-formulate this product without fragrance or at least, with a more natural, floral fragrance.
The full-sized product (100gms) is priced at Rs. 988. I got quite a generous 30gm sample and I think I’m going to get around 4-5 more uses out of it.
Will I buy this once the sample is over? For sure I will! I wish the fragrance gets changed but nevertheless, I really love this scrub and the way my skin feels after using it. This one’s going to be a staple in my skincare routine.
Have you used this scrub? What do you think of it?

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  1. I got the same one! Yes it made my skin very smooth and also got rid of the tan,I Like it but I won’t be buying it because of the very steep price for such a small brand!

  2. Hope that’s good too…looking forward to your review of it 🙂

  3. Looks great!
    I have not even opened mine. I got some almond one I think!

  4. I just love walnut scrubs, I think I will get it once current scrub is over….

    1. Try it….it’s really nice.

  5. Sounds like a nice product will give this a try soon 🙂

    1. Hope you like it 🙂

  6. I really hate those strong deo fragrances.. y this scrub has so… 🙁 was tempted to buy reading your views.. but i need to give this a skip 🙁

    1. Well at least the fragrance doesn’t last long…..

  7. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    This seems to be an excellent scrub – Not too abrasive & leaves the skin soft…I may give this a try…Thanks for the review!

    1. It really is very nice….except for the fragrance.

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