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Hey Shringaristas,

After an awesome weekend break at the Corinthian Resort Pune, I’m actually feeling very lazy to blog, but blog I must coz I need to tell you about my amazing experience at the Four Fountains Spa.

My family and friends all know about my love for spas and massages. Most of the times, on a holiday, I love having one spa afternoon where I can get myself pampered. And pampering is what I got when I went to the Four Fountains Spa at Bandra last Thursday for some post-Holi detox and rejuvenation.

What I really love about spas is how you can smell the lovely aroma oils even before you enter. The fragrance just instantly calms and soothes your mood, especially if you’ve driven in Bombay traffic to get there! At the Four Fountains Spa, a lot of attention is given to getting the ambience right so along with the fragrance, you also have soothing instrumental music playing softly and gentle lighting. Everything one would expect from a high end spa. However, when I saw their spa menu, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the prices are not high end at all! They don’t have a jacuzzi or a tub to soak in post massage but then, at these prices, that is asking for a little too much.

Their in-house doctor did a little consultation with me and concluded that i was quite healthy and was just moderately stressed. She suggested the aromatherapy massage but since I wanted detoxification, I opted for the Bastar Mitti Body Wrap which is an hour long therapy starting with a jasmine body scrub followed by the clay wrap. There are three therapy rooms at this spa and I was led to the one named BLISS!

The rooms are spacious and well maintained. As with spas everywhere, here too, you are provided with disposable inner wear. My therapist, Afreen, was very friendly and polite and asked me for my preference of music volume and room temperature.

The therapy began with a cleaning of the feet with warm water and a soft cloth, after which my body was scrubbed with a salt based scrub in jasmine oil. The fragrance was simply lovely and the therapist maintained a pressure that I was comfortable with. Those of you with very sensitive skin might find the scrub a bit abrasive.

A quick shower to rinse off the scrub and then it was time for the wrap. My skin was already feeling so soft and smooth. When the clay wrap is applied, it feels so cool and soothing on the warm skin! After the clay is applied all over, the entire body, from neck down, is covered tightly in a plastic sheet to help draw out the toxins. This wrap was kept for about 20 minutes and during that time, the therapist massaged the pressure points on my forehead and temples. I could have drifted off to sleep!

Then it was time to shower off. The small bathroom has dispensers for body wash and shampoo and like the rest of the spa, is very clean. After the shower, my skin felt soooooo amazingly soft and smooth! I actually felt like I was glowing. My spa experience ended with warm herbal tea.

Four Fountains Spa also has membership packages which enable you and family members to get therapies done at a discounted price. Currently they have three spas in Mumbai, at Powai, Bandra and Malad. If only that had one in South Bombay, I would have taken the membership immediately.

A similar scrub and wrap package had cost me more than Rs. 5000 at the Radisson hotel spa in Alibaug last year. Here it is at less than half that! So, if you want a luxury-but-pocket-friendly spa experience, book an appointment at the Four Fountains Spa.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out a complimentary spa therapy. However, my opinions of the spa, the therapy and the therapist are totally honest and unbiased.

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  1. Thanks…will surely do that 🙂

  2. creative blog hun 🙂
    i just wrote a blogpost.. please chk it out it wud mean soooo much to mi 🙂

  3. wow! less than 2500 for the scrub and wrap.. that’s so affordable.. i love spas too.. infact just wento Iosis yesterday and it was amazing.. gonna blog about it soon!

    1. Would love to read about Iosis.

  4. After reading this I am feeling so tempted to have at least one such spa session :))
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I’m a total spa junkie. You must try it 🙂

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