Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in Khaki – Review and Swatch

The last time I used a liquid liner was around 8-9 years ago. Somehow, the swift and convenience of the pencil liner, and the shades available in them, made me shift loyalties from liquid to pencil completely.

Recently however, Maybelline launched the Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liner, which as the name suggests, are available in a variety of pop colours. I got the shade Khaki, which is a very beautiful bright olive green.

The liner is packaged in a sleek black bottle and has a really thin, long brush which is perfect for drawing a super thin line. And of course, the line can be thickened according to ones preference. The thin brush is also great for flicking out the liner and getting a beautiful winged line.

Sorry for the bad lighting and swatches. These pictures were taken at the end of the day when the liner had been on my eyes for close to 6hours!!! As you can see, there’s no fading, it still looks fresh and glossy and the thin brush let me flick it out quite well.

You can see my terrible dark circles in these pics coz I haven’t put any concealer or foundation. I haven’t even used mascara, just a line of Estée Lauder Double Wear eye pencil on my lower lash line.

Though I was using a liquid liner after so many years, the brush felt so comfortable and the line came out quite well. I’m also very happy with the wear time and the colour.

This liner was a sample sent to me by the Maybelline PR and the price wasn’t mentioned on it. I think it will be quite reasonably priced though. I don’t know which other colours they have in this collection but this one is certainly a very pretty wearable colour. What do you think?

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  1. I’m very comfortable with pencil liners but this one is really awesome.

  2. ive always preffered liquid liners as they feel so light while applying..something that is v imp for me since i wear contact lenses..

  3. I have this very same shade and love it! 🙂 Nice review Dollie!! Love your blog <3

  4. I think these are priced at Rs 225.. shde is different and prettey
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  5. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    i love to wear colored eye liners….this looks good

    1. It is a very pretty colour.

  6. I got Khaki the color

  7. I just loved the shade! Super awesome!
    Pssst….I never got your blog feed earlier..for God knows what reason! But, since I followed you via Bloglovin’…am glad to recieve your blogfeed<3

    1. Thanks Ruby 🙂
      Yea, Bloglovin is good.

  8. wow nice shade…looking awesome on you..:)

  9. Same thing happened with me I got fascinated by pencils and drifted away from the liquids but they are still the best. Nice color and eotd.:)
    Would love to try it!!

    1. It really is a lovely colour…and so easy to apply too!

  10. Sunshine Beauty says: Reply

    amazing shade!

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