Daily Routine In The Life Of a Mommy Blogger

The inspiration for today’s post has come from one of my favourite brands, Lancome (which, unfortunately, isn’t cruelty-free). They have started a contest on Instagram called the #GoNoFilter contest where each day, according to the theme, you post your pics on Instagram without using any filter to “let the natural beauty shine through”. These are the themes for the 7 days…

To see my entries for the first two days, check out my Instagram posts here.

The theme for Day 3 was “Daily Routine” and this is the picture I posted, the one that inspired me to do this post….
So, this is what a normal weekday in the life of a mommy blogger (I’m talking about me…other mommies might have a different routine) looks like.
1) Coffee in my favourite Wedgewood mug – Ideally, my alarm would like my day to begin at 6:00 am but after hitting the snooze three times, I finally wake up at 6:30 and then it’s rush rush to get the boys ready for school. Once they both leave and the morning calms down a bit, it’s 10 minutes of “me-time” sitting by the window, with hot coffee in my fave Wedgewood “Blue Creamer” mug and the Bombay Times. I refuse to start the day reading the Times of India or any other newspaper because who wants to start the day reading about inflation, corruption, politics, accidents, robbery etc? Too depressing. I choose the glamour of Bombay Times.
2) School Time – This is a pic of my younger son’s current school bag. After coffee and shower and breakfast, it is time to pick up younger son from his playgroup. I finish a bit of cooking before I leave to pick him up and the rest, after I get back home. If I get time, I take pics of the products I am reviewing.
3) Mumbai Traffic – How long it takes me to get back home depends on the Great Mumbai Traffic! These days, it seems like no matter what time of the day, no matter which area, there are always traffic jams.
4) A peaceful moment admiring the view – Between lunch and other small chores, I like to take a couple of minutes out to sit by the window I mentioned in point number 1, to admire the view of the Sobo (South Bombay) skyline. At times, it soothes me, at times, the concrete jungle and the pollution haze depresses me.
5) Time to take elder son to cricket class – Fetch son from school bus-stop, give him snacks, cook dinner and leave for cricket class. That’s twice a week. If not cricket, then there is chess or then either of the boys have to attend a birthday party. It becomes nightmarish when both boys have to attend birthday parties because given the traffic scenario, by the time I drop one and reach the other destination, the party is almost over! And this is just within South Bombay!!!
6) Another caffeine dose-  Anyway, while the son improves his cricketing skills, mommy gets her much-needed dose of caffeine to see her through the next few hours. This is also the time when I indulge in a little retail therapy 😉
7) Bed time – For the boys mind you, not the mommy. After an early dinner, it is story time and bed time for the boys. Story time means two stories with both boys selecting different books and yet listening with total attention to both the stories. By the end of it, I can barely croak.
And finally, around 10pm / 10.30pm, the blogger in the mommy gets her time to blog. Of course, the days when we’re out for dinner / movie / friends etc, I try to blog in the afternoon or then I don’t blog at all. I finally sleep by 1 or so before the chaos begins again the next day.
And so, that is the Daily Routine in the life of this mommy blogger 🙂

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  1. Love to tead a successful mommy blogger daily routine

  2. Respect! Btw, your boys are very very cute 😀

  3. Thanks Manisha 🙂 . And of course there are the school meetings, the doc appointments n so many other things…

  4. I think all moms get used to less sleep 😉

  5. Nice post. Being a mom myself totally understand what you have mentioned in this post 🙂

  6. Dolly how do you manage so much with only 5 to 6 hours of sleep.. ? Very inspiring post..

  7. So true. Cute piccies

  8. True…ur life.must be in the milk-pee-potty-milk phase…lol. Enjoy it coz kids grow up before you realise it 🙂

  9. Yes Rachna…most mom’s days revolve around the kids. Then there are the meetings in school or some activities where moms are needed to volunteer etc. also bloggers eventz n other stuff…

  10. Aww ..Such a Lovely Post 🙂 .. It was really a great read <3

  11. Revathy HealthnBeauty says: Reply

    hau.. these days of mine are not far away… though i m currently having a ‘different’ ‘hectic’ days in my life 😀

  12. lovely post 🙂

  13. Sony Mansoori says: Reply

    Love this …so apt

  14. rachna sharma says: Reply

    dollie this is the routine for most of the mommies i believe…and the last pic of ur kids sleeping is so adorable!

  15. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    Omg, ur routine is almost same as my mum.. I guess mommies have no time to rest
    Keep in touch

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