Peaches And Blush’s Mehak Has Coffee With Dollie

Hi Shringaristas,
The first weekend of 2014 is here and along with it, all the sales too. I’m sure all of you must be all geared up to hit the sales over the weekend, but before that, how about a virtual coffee with me? The weather’s perfect for a steaming cup of cappucino….
So, who’s having coffee with me today? She’s an economist by education and profession and has a beauty, fashion and bridal blog. She has been named among the Top Indian Bloggers by Business India and is also the India contributor for Temptalia. The girl with amazing skin, Mehak of
Coffee with Dollie - Mehak of

Dollie: Let’s start with ordering our virtual coffee. What’s your favourite coffee?
Mehak: Honestly, I love a basic, well made, plain cold coffee without any fancy toppings and stuff. Mocha in Delhi, makes the best cold coffee. 
Dollie: You are an economist by education and profession. What made you think of starting a beauty blog? 
Mehak:  I didnt think- I just did it. It was a new love i was discovering and I just started to pen down my thoughts and took it from there. I used to see a lot of youtube videos of beauty vloggers and got inspired by them.
Dolllie: How did you first meet your hubby? How long have you been married?
Mehak:  I was interning in the same company that he was interning in! We kind of hit it off and 4 years later we got married. We have been married for a little over a year now.
Coffee with Dollie - Mehak of
Dollie: I love reading your Bridal files (though I’ve been married since 10 years) and also Real Brides. How did you think of introducing that section in your blog?
Mehak:  I think the blog is an extension of myself so whatever I’m going through, I put it down in the blog ! So when I got married it was just natural to blog about my planning, and when I shifted to a new home again it was natural to blog about decor…so the bridal section started with my planning. People seemed to love it so I thought lets feature some other brides as well.
Dollie:  You work full time, you blog and you also have a bridal shopping service!!! And you also attend Fashion weeks! How do you manage your time?  (I’m terrible at time management. I would sure appreciate some tips).
Mehak:  Well, its difficult..every second of the day is precious and your better half can be really annoyed because you are constantly wired and on the phone. But having a smart phone makes life easier, also having a set routine which says ” 2 hours to blog”, ” 2 hours to service”, 6 hours for work…really helps you sort out and get into a routine. Getting up early helps as well ! Besides that, my employer is a fantastic financial services company- they always make it to the ‘best places to work’  list and the reason is because they offer phenomenal work life balance. So I’m incredibly thankful for that.
Dollie: What tips would you give brides-to-be who aren’t makeup/beauty savvy and who really don’t own and use much makeup on a daily basis? And what are the essentials they would need for their makeup trousseau?
Mehak: I think you need basically a foundation, a concealer, and eyeliner as basics. Then for lipsticks and blushes pick one lipstick and blush that would be in pink tones, and one lipstick and blush that would be in peachy tones. That’s about it. Eyeshadows- stick to neutrals, gold, browns, khakis ..don’t over experiment if you are a first timer- stick to basics.
Dollie: What is your makeup mantra? Are you a minimalist or do you love getting dolled up?
Mehak: Minimalist completely. If you see me in the mall, I’ll probably have zero makeup on. The only time I get dolled up is when I’m wearing Indian clothes and attending a wedding or something.
Dollie: What are your five “stranded on a desert island” makeup products?
Mehak: L’Oreal tinted UV perfect moisturizer, Bourjois Shine Edition lipstick -the coral one, Bobbi Brown gel liner, Neutrogena sunblock. I can’t think of needing anything else honestly. 
Bobbi Brown gel liner, Bourjois shine edition, L'Oreal UV perfect, Neutogena sunblock, desert island essentials.
Dollie: Which celebrities would you like to meet? And why?
Mehak: I would love to meet Bobbi Brown, I would love to meet Sabyasachi. Both are genuises and know the Indian skin tone/ body type the best. 
Bobbi Brown, Sabyasachi Mukerjee
Dollie: Which product has been a total disappointment for you? Could be anything, skin, hair, makeup…..
Mehak: Ermmm…I think the last disappointing product was the Lakme Absolute Lip Last.It just doesn’t work.
lakme absolute lip last
Dollie: What are your hobbies?

Mehak: I don’t have time for too many hobbies honestly but I like to dance, I love reading blogs. I like spending time with my family a lot, I like to watch movies etc. But i don’t really get to do too much of any of those because every second of the day seems to be filled with something to do.

Dollie:What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Mehak: Im not a crazy person honestly- I like playing it safe.

Dollie: One adventure sport you’d like to try.

Mehak: I really would like to Bungee. Not in India though- I’m scared the rope would break !

Dollie: Time for the rapid fire now…
Favourite lipstick:  Currently I’m going to say I’m wearing Mac Cosmo a lot and Bourjois Shine Edition Coral a lot.
Dream Travel Destination: New York
Coffee with Dollie: Mehak of in New York
Favourite Foundation: Bobbi Brown
Favourite Movie: I’m a sucker of the DDLJ variety. So any of those.
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Favourite song: Not much of a music buff.
Favourite cuisine: Oriental
Favourite perfume: Candy by Prada and Vera Wang Princess 
Prada Candy and Vera Wang Princess
Beaches or Mountains: Both
Jeans or Dresses: Jeans
Heels or Flats: Flats
Lipstick or Gloss: Lipstick
Liner or Mascara: Liner
Books or Movies: Movies
Dollie: And finally, I really envy your flawless, glowing skin. Share your skincare secrets with us please.
Mehak: I get asked this a lot and I really wish there was a secret but honestly I do very little for my skin. I use a nightcream- Shiseido night moisture recharge and in the day I use L’Oreal Tinted Moisturiser but that’s about it. I don’t have an HG facewash or scrub and I don’t follow a skincare routine, but I’m going to change that now that I’m hitting mid-late twenties !
Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge
Well, I hope all of you enjoyed reading Mehak’s answers. You can read my previous “Coffee with Dollie” posts with Vellvette / FabBag’s Vinita here and with Corallista’s Ankita here.

Wish you all a great shopping-filled weekend 😉

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    Lovely post , I love to follow u on gfc 🙂

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    I luv mehak
    She is honest n simple unlike some real arrogant makeup bloggers around
    U really asked pretty good qtns

  4. P&B is one my most favorite blogs and its great to read more about Mehak. Handling her day job,the bridal biz and the blog must be so tough but she handles it all so well. a superwoman I’d say!

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    Lovely and cute post! Very cool questions which are answered in a very simple, honest and adorable way! 🙂

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