Contents of My Feb 2014 Fabbag

Year after year, you get some amazing gifts from your loved one on Valentine’s Day. What happens when, one year, you get a gift that you don’t like? Your expectations are high and you are looking forward to something fantastic, but what you get is something very average, and not suited to your taste at all. You don’t stop loving the person do you? Yes, you get very disappointed but then you smile and carry on and hope that the next one is better.

Well, that example was just my way of expressing what I feel about the February 2014 Fabbag. Last I really liked all the products in my “Be My Vellvettine” Vellvette Bag (click for review). The Vellvette-reincarnated-into-Fabbag December and January bags have also been quite nice so you can understand how excited I was to see what was in the Feb bag. Unfortunately, my “Great Expectations” were kinda “Gone With The Wind”. Read on to know what I got in my smart, red tartan bag….

Feb 2014 Fabbag contents

The Feb 2014 Fabbag features some of the Fabbag crew faves. Here’s what was in my bag:

Cetaphil Cleansing and Moisturizing Lotion Kit

Cetaphil in Feb Fabbag

Cetaphil? That is quite a “been there, done that” product. I am not really excited about getting Cetaphil in the bag. My mum’s been using the cleanser since years so I’ll give these to her to put in her travel bag.

Tommy G Dual Lipstick in Passion Red

Tommy G Dual Lipstick In my feb fabbag

I hadn’t heard of this brand before but it’s always nice to check out new brands. Tommy G is apparently a big Greek brand and some bloggers have been raving about their products. I just wish that they would have sent me some other colour besides red. The MUA Lip Boom I got in my November Bag is red, the NYX lipstick in the Jan bag is red. What happened to the bright pinks, corals or even muted shades?

Nails Inc. Nail Lacquer

Nails Inc in Feb Fabbag

I got just the product card for this, no nail lacquer in my bag. I have emailed Fabbag about this and they said they will be dispatching the lacquer to me asap. Nice customer service 🙂

Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Kit

Vivel Cell Renew in Feb Fabbag

This was actually an opt-out product and I didn’t really want to try it out. I was in son’s school when I got that email and I thought I would send the reply once the meeting was over. But you know how that is. There are tons of other emails and this one got pushed right down and I forgot all about it. Will give the body lotion and hand cream a shot but I doubt I will let Vivel come close to my face.

There’s also a teeny tube of Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid but I think it has been added by mistake as there’s no product card for it. Also, as a V-Day Bonus, they’ve given Cookie Man cookies. It’s a nice gesture but I personally don’t want cookies (or jam for that matter) in my “BEAUTY” bag. I’d have preferred a small sample vial of perfume instead.

So, maybe it’s just me and my high expectations but the Feb 2014 Fabbag didn’t really rock my boat. But I’m hopeful that the March bag will be better….

What did you get in your Fabbag?

10 Replies to “Contents of My Feb 2014 Fabbag”

  1. samar khan says: Reply

    Oh yes I agree with you…….they shouldn’t have been in FABBAG!

  2. Go ahead, rant on…i totally understand and agree.Vivel is certainly not luxe, nor is Cetaphil. And it’s not like they are sending these to us free, we are paying for the bags!

    A couple of times,I’ve suggested to Vineeta that they should get some good Korean, Japanese and French brands. Fabbag certainly has a large enough subscriber base to tempt brands. But the problem is, there are hundreds of girls who actually like what they are getting in these bags so why should Fabbag listen to a handful of us who rant?

    I’ve been hoping, each month that they improve but my patience is running out now. Once this 6 month sub is over, I’m not subscribing again. If i want a beauty box, I’ll get one of the international ones which cost a lot more but also send really great products.

  3. Jam jar *facepalm*!!!!!

  4. It was my first fab bag, and I guess my last; there are SO MUCH BETTER SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES and this FAB BAG, I regret. I had bought this for some indulgence for my upcoming nuptials and they ruin it ROYALLY. From all the posts over here, I feel they’ve sent ME THE LEFTOVERS OF FEBRUARY FAB BAG. how cheap and shameless of them!

    there is a questionnaire that they take from us and which I have clearly mentioned what kind of products suit the skin/ hair. None of the products does suit my skin/ hair.

    the bag is NOT UPTO their claimed STANDARD FOR MANY REASONS – It’s a shitty Fab Bag. I had to share my horrid experience with you guys, please bear with the rant!

    1) near expiry date products – easier way to finish off the supply; throw them in the dust bin, crew! Luxury is NOT vivel. I paid up for ‘luxury products as they claimed, and I am Duped. ROYALLY. I have had previously got blisters on my face Using Vivel and now, literally I pay to buy it, would i?

    2) Cetaphil- I can buy it from the drug store near my house (where is high-end in this?) Also, I dont have a sensitive skin, as clearly mentioned in the questionnaire, which they obviously DONT go through.

    3) Why does the conditioner smell like ammonia/ toilet cleaner? Why would I use such a product with a Repugnant SMELL? Would they guys USE SUCH PRODUCTS themselves?

    I guess they should Stop this if they cannot deliver what they promised. They tell me that they’d refund me after cutting 599 INR off the the first bag.

    WAS THE BAG WORTH 599 INR? I dont think so. It’s very easy to say apologies, but coming from humble backgrounds I guess i have been a little greedy in wishing for small luxuries. they ruined it royally for me, thanks for that. and I cannot believe they sent near expiration that products in return of my 1.5K INR! CHEATING ALERT!!!!!!!!!

    I am subscribing for My Envy Box and I feel I will get good value for my money. FAB BAG sucks and stinks like poo!

    (sorry for this rant over here, but trust me, I feel so awful for my money and expectations that I wish they burn down) Had to share my awful experience here, somewhere; which is why the rant!

  5. It’s decent!! but nothing exciting!!! I got a jam jar in one of my envy box. :))

  6. samar khan says: Reply

    Cetaphil products are really good if you suffer from acne!

  7. I’m disappointed too! At least you received a lipstick you can use, I got a neon orange shade that looks like a nightmare on me 😐

  8. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I have read that product range in vellvettine bags has declined..
    Keep in touch

  9. They are useful, no doubt, but i didn’t find them exciting enough :p

  10. All the products are so useful!! Its like a lottery in your fab bag 😛 Amazing 🙂 <3

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