Fall In Love With Pretty “Miss Coquelicot” From Lancome Vernis In Love

It’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of hours and the V-Day fever seems to have gripped the blogosphere. So, I thought what better time to review a gorgeous nail polish in the colour of love, red, and that belongs to an entire range of products whose name states “In Love”. I’m talking about Lancome’s Vernis In Love in a gorgeous red that I bought a few months ago (see haul post here). I had also bought a coral polish from this collection that has already been reviewed here. So, let’s meet the pretty Miss Coquelicot….

Lancome Vernis In Love Miss Coquelicot
I’ve already spoken about the sleek and chic polish bottle with black cap and gold Lancome rose on the bottle in the previous review, so I won’t bore you with that. And I could rave about the thick brush that gives perfect, smooth, streak-free application, but I’ve said that earlier as well.
Lancome Vernis In Love Miss Coquelicot swatch
Miss Coquelicot is a gorgeous, true, “Hollywood” red colour. The polish is super pigmented and what you see on my nails is just One Coat! No base coat, no top coat. However, wearing just one coat does affect the wear time as the tips start fading from the third day. Though a top coat isn’t required as this has a really shiny finish, wearing it would ensure the polish lasts longer.
For those who don’t know, Lancome’s In Love collection of lipsticks, glosses and nail polishes, are sorted colour-wise into Matins (mornings), Boudoir (evening) and Nuit (night). I have swatched all the Rouge In Love lipsticks in this post, if you’d like to have a look. This colour, #154M Miss Coquelicot, is part of the “Matins” ie morning colours. However, I feel that this lovely colour can be worn morning, evening and night.
Lancome Vernis In Love Price
Lancome Vernis In Love is priced at Rs. 800 for 6ml and for the quality, finish and lasting power, I feel it is totally worth the price. There are some really beautiful shades in the Vernis In Love collection which tempt me while I’m trying to stick to my cruelty-free resolution.
So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Hubby and I have never really believed in this “one day to profess your love” concept and feel that it is all just one big commercial hype that puts pressure on people, especially couples, to “do something special” which actually translates as “spend big bucks”. What is the point of going all lovey-dovey on one day and cribbing, nagging, arguing the rest of the year? If you truly love someone, you will find the love in small gestures and create your own special moments throughout the year. You will stand by each other through thick and thin. And you will have a wonderful makeup after a fight. Well, I don’t want to give any gyan here, just wanted to share my thoughts. What do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    Very pretty color! I love Red Polishes 🙂

  2. Krithi Marla says: Reply

    lovely color Dollie

  3. It’s a lovely colour. Happy V Day to you too 🙂

  4. That looks really tempting. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  5. Pretty red

  6. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    Red is the perfect color for valentines day..
    I have it on my nails too
    Have a nice day

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